My Light Paladin Tanking/Healing Build for M10 Dynasty with Shattering Mutator

I decided to test Tanking in Light without Sturdy, and honestly it doesn’t feel much different, if any at all, even with the Shattering Mutator active.

Opening rotation:
Sacred Ground (Where I’m going to be standing; MH will drop their heals on the dps at the start)
Beacon on Sacred, Mending on Self, run in.
Fortifying Shield Rush on target in Sacred → 39% Fortify (This is required to not get one-shot during the Defiant Stance cast-animation)

From here on you just try to repeat this, except the MH will generally have their Sacred on me, and I try to place mine off-center in a figure-8 with the MH Sacred, after a Shirking Energy dodge.

Using Reverse Stab, Refreshing Move, and other cdr to try to maintain 100% up-time on Defiant Stance. Fortify is essential to staying alive when you’re a Paladin, because you don’t have the Heavy armor or giant Tower Shield like traditional tanks, but the round shield is quite tanky, even without Sturdy.

Have been a member of multiple shard selling groups using this build, and it’s been working really well. There’s a short learning period with new healers, but we generally had the quirks smoothed-out before Commander Chen/Lanfen/Daiyu.

I imagine one key thing with the build is not to override the main healers heals? I remember that I ran with a paladin once as a main healer and they kept overriding my heals and getting us killed. I feel you almost have to be in voice chat to make it work, right? They were unfortunately not in voice haha. Looks like fun though!

Curious how beacon and other heals interact with each other. Does beacon stack at all? Any other nuances of the build?

Do you ever run with 4 DPS? Wonder if that’s viable and increase speed of runs?

I usually wait until the MH drop their sacred. They usually drop on me, so I drop mine off-center a bit, where they cross-over slightly, and that way it gives everyone a bit more room to stay in the heals.

I don’t run with people if they don’t have voice comms turned on to at least listen in, since in my experience those runs don’t do well, even with holy trinity builds.
One of my regular teammates is mute, but listens on voice and that’s all that’s needed.

Beacon stacks if one is on a player and the other is on the ground. It’s a fun build. We’ve been pugging a healer and a third dps and even with a few hiccups, like tonight I wasn’t on my A-game, but we still sold quite a few shard runs and had a generally smooth night.

I recommend anyone who is curious to give the build a try!

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Do you repost this every week or something?

Yeah, we do 4 dps plus paly Tank/Heal in Gen speedruns that take 9 to 10 minutes; Originally, we were still two phasing Caretaker, but I had to stay out for it and it defeated the purpose of running 4 dps. It’s great fun, and we still sell shards when we are running healer-less.

We’ve been considering trying two off-heals and no main-heals for dynasty. Have done it on lower mutes in Depths, haven’t tried it in Laz or Tempest.