My list of current bugs affecting Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff

I would like to put forth a list of bugs affecting the fire staff and ice gauntlet right now. This is much easier than making a separate bug report for each one because there are so many. If you know of any other bugs affecting these weapons please reply to add on to the list. Bug fixing must be the top priority for the dev team, many weapons are under-performing purely due to bugs.

Bug 1 - The great axe ability, “Maelstrom”, causes a bug where it prevents ground targeted abilities like Ice Storm and Pillar of Fire from being placed under the great axe user. This causes Ice Storm or Pillar of Fire to be placed in a random spot or under the mage user.

Bug 2 - If attacked in the last frames of casting Ice Storm or Pillar of Fire, your cooldown can be consumed but the ability wont be placed.

Bug 3 - Randomly sometimes both Ice Storm and Pillar of Fire will do no damage/disappear into the ground.

Bug 4 - Sometimes Entombed does not activate when used but still consumes your cooldown.

Bug 5 - Sometimes you can be damaged through Entombed ice block despite it still having HP remaining.

Bug 6 - You can still roll/dodge through ice shower to avoid any of the roots/slows/debuffs that are supposed to activate when passing through it.

Bug 7 - Fireball will sometimes pass straight through targets/the ground and do no damage.

Bug 8 - The perk Empowering Fireball does not increase the damage of Fireball if an elemental conversion gem is equipped into the Fire Staff.

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