My Lumberjack Gear (Gloves, Helm, Pants, Shirt and Boots) is missing since 1.1

Hi Support.
My Lumberjack Gear (T5 Lumberjack Gloves, Helm, Shirt, Pants and Boots) is nowhere to be found.
I still have the Amulet but the 5-Piece Attire is missing.

Could you please provide support?
Charactername: Noraskjar
Server: Vicina
Region: EU Central
Level: 60
Date when I noticed the issue: 11/19/2021

Best regards

After the update i’m missing all my Harvesting gear. Logged on and was naked :expressionless:

You should also post your info on the thread below. Seems like you’re not the only one having this problem.

Post here.

All those people seem to miss harvesting gear. Am I the only one that is missing his logging gear?

Hi @Noray84!

FIrst of all sorry for the inconvenience!

That is a known bug that the harvesting gear disappers, here one of the Community managers confirmed that the develpers are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it or inform further about what is going on.

Have a good one, take care!

Yes. I know, and this is inconvenient. But am everybody is talking about Harvesting Gear (by that i mean Harvesting for Hemp, Silk, etc.). But I am missing my Logging Gear (wood) and I have not seen anyone reporting that missing. Am i the only one? Did I delete it by accident? I would like to know if that is also an issue.