My New World Experience - (after patch)


The last week Ive logged on this game nearly every day, and I find myself wondering what the heck am I gonna do in this game? I think that more than 50% of the time ive played this game has been spent on farming mats/crafting. At the moment I feel pretty done with the resource gathering and crafting, and would like to do more mutated dungeons and especially pvp content.
The problem right now though is that the game pretty much denies me of playing it. I feel that many of the latest problems with this game is created by AGS themself and their poor decisions.

Mutated dungeons:
All of my gear is crafted, and I have never gotten a drop from dungeons and chest-runs that is worth using. Thats a shame in itself. I grinded to max expertise before the gypsum system was introduced. My GS is 596. Im not using legendary pieces because I want to use gear with the correct weaponperks. Been pretty unlucky with my crafting.
With my gearscore Im really struggling getting invited to mutated expeditions. Levling my 595 + pieces above 600 with umbral shards from M + 1-3 takes a considerable amount of time, and it gets harder as many players progress to M 7-10 and higher gearscore. What I probably should have done is to buy very bad 600 GS pieces and upgrade them to advance into higher mutations, to then upgrade the gear I want to use. Is this really how AGS intended the system to be? The time gated sysyem and insane orb prices also doesnt help. Each week this system is active will create a bigger and bigger gap between players, and you will end up with new players never being able to catch up. Kinda reminds me of Well Guardian.

World pvp:
Pretty much none existent. Ive spent so many hours looking for players that want to pvp, but seems like its not happening.

I was happy when they finally merged servers after having played on a server with no OPR for months. Despite brutes and a few other flaws Ive really enjoyed playing it. After the patch its usually between 1-3 hour queues to get into an OPR. When Im writing this post Ive spent more than 1 hour in queue during EU primetime. I managed to do 2 OPRs before writing this post. In both games we have ended up playing around 13vs17 from the start, and the game ends with a team playing 13vs20. Im just curious how AGS did the math on this? The uneven numbers isnt because of players leaving, and from my experience it seems like new players joining are being placed on the largest team. This wouldnt be a big issue though if we had instant queue, but when you wait hours for broken games its understandable that people stop playing.

The biggest problem right now is that the umbral system and mutated dungeons made all other content obsolete. AGS was warned about this, but they cant be bothered listening to any feedback. Why do we even have PTR in the first place?

There are so many things I enjoy with this game, especially the combat system. The game had huge potential and I would like to continue playing it, if it allows me.
The broken systems, timegating and everything this patch brought are making players frustrated. You can even feel the increased toxicity between players both ingame and on other communities. I get pissed myself when logging on this game, realising all the time I spent on it, having it all torn apart by a bad update. Seeing company members and friends quiting the game out of pure frustration is also abit sad.

Whats even more annoying is the total lack of communication and information from AGS. The extremely slow patching and fixes of major issues. You can bet that it will take them months to do anything about this broken system and OPR queues. Not to mention new server merges. Maybe they already gave up on this game, who knows.

Feel free to disagree, this is just my thoughts.


Yes you are right. What you should do is get a base set of 600 stuff even without your perfect perks. In mutation GS is the most important part of your gear. This is just the first week, you don’t have to get your perfect set capped this week. Build up a set that can get at least into the mid level mutations for a significant increase in shards per run. THEN work on your perfect set by farming those. The higher you get, you will also get much more shards from doing Gypsum casts.

What about normal dungeons ? I was 540 Expertise average before 1.3 patch. I crafted and used keys ( first time I did Gen / Laz) and my expertise is now up to 592 ( after maybe 10-15 dungeons run) . Craft key or purchase key in faction shop and find a group. ( usually 1.5k gold / spot and it will fill pretty fast )

Zero mention of how much cuddlier the Yeti are?

…opinion discarded.

Welcome to mmos that do systems like this. WoW players are exactly like this too for their mythic+ which this mutation system is based off of. I have done Laz and Gen and Mut 1 (and I think 2) with no real issues at all and my GS was not 600+ I think I was like 590 something on the lower end or maybe even a little lower. It depends on your group.

If I were you, I would buy an orb from the faction vendor and form your own group and maybe not charge for now in case you are getting a little carried without 600+ GS.

Maybe I didnt express myself very good, but mutations being hard isnt my main issue. But thanks anyway:)


Why don’t you use your industry contacts as a renowned developer to solve these issues?

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Im trying a more humble approach. Last time I tried helping them out they did a few decent changes, but it just went downhill when I disappeared anyways. Ive also offered them help from me and my team. Only reply I got was that if they need assistance it was with some Lost Ark stuff. Pretty weird considering that AGS are not even developing LA.


Yah pretty weird, it’s almost like your full of crap lol.

You should bring this up next time your hob-knobbing with Bezos at a social function.

I have not had the chance to meet Jeff in years mate:)

He will probably pull the plug on this game himself soon though. Noone wants to be associated with this garbage development.

Uh huh

Forgot to mention server lag that even when you are lucky enough to experience PvP it is constant slideshow.

True. Its a laggy mess. They have probably downgraded their servers already.

Jesus I felt a tension like when the Tom Cruise movie is ending nearing close to the end of your post. Thank you sir for your good knowledge of how brain should be used.

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