My Node Feedback

What is ruining this game for active players are inactive players and bots who AFK on high value nodes. I had though prior to buying this game that there was already a solution to this. That Nodes would not be visible to players who did not move away from the area. From day one I have been disappointed that this is not the case and it ruined the experience enough for some of my friends to leave the game. 5 months later its disappointing that the reason a few of my friends left the first month has still not been addressed.

Currently Two PvP flagged players can fight over a node, great but while they are fighting non flagged players just scoop it up its a minor inconvenience with a simple solution. What happens when you are on a node and they are not PvP flagged. They will drag a near by monster over to you to knock you off the node. Even though you are PvP flagged you are helpless. It is the most toxic and frustrating experience this game has to offer currently. My friends were not PvP orientated but PvE and that first suggestion is to retain players like them. The second is to retain PvP orientated players like me.

Remove bonus from PvP for gathering. I was one who really wanted this but It was a inferior solution given hind sight. A better solution is to increase the amount of cum and iron wood nodes by 3 but don’t have them spawn all at once. Tie the spawn timer trigger to sets of 4-5 nodes that are spread out in the zone. The timer for the other nodes triggers the spawn timer of a node far away. This will reward roaming active players over inactive players and bots. Make a % of the nodes available to PvP players only. These nodes do not necessarily have to be spawned randomly and maybe shouldn’t as they can create a focus point for world PvP.

Thank you for taking the time to review my feed back.

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