My Observations and review of New World

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The Bad

  • Jumping is mostly cosmetic. You barely jump at all.

  • Gear attribute curve is steep. Low level enemies can still murder you easily even 20 levels over, especially if you choose light armor.

  • Aiming is a chore.

  • Lag, glitches, and unfixed bugs that can cause progression breaking or outright crashes of the game.

  • The game incentivizes keeping multiple gear sets on you, but punishes you for that at the same time by making the weight system so horrendous.

  • Movement Physics, such as having a wind-up and wind-down to moving, can be problematic if you want to move just a very small bit at a time.

  • Dodging is not only overpowered, but horrendously timing-focused. In addition, if you aren’t good at timing, like me, then you basically will want to yell at the game whenever an enemy attacks, because you’re probably going to miss a dodge.

  • Enemy power attacks home in on their target. As an example, if an enemy is doing that hammer power attack where they jump up and slam down, if you are behind them as they start this, meaning they’re facing away from you initially, they do a completely 180 mid-air to attack you with the power attack. Thrown power attacks only do the initial home-in calculation when the projectile is thrown, meaning if you dodge a frame before the enemy throws, you get hit.

  • Horrible hotkey configurations for Keyboard and Mouse. The Inventory screen is bound to tab, while the i key is bound to nothing at all, whatsoever. (Alt tab will open the inventory every time if you don’t change the tab binding.) The ALT key also enables free look, consider changing it to the GRAVE ( ` ) key instead.

  • Rested EXP doesn’t specify what it boosts, and it turns out it is consumed for quest turn-ins and enemy slaying alike.

  • There is no tutorial or explanation that enemies have weaknesses, except through a Loading Screen.

  • Enemies with a block bar or shield are BS.

  • Housing is prohibitively expensive for what it’s worth. (Passive buffs through Trophy placement as long as you pay the housing tax for each house every week.)

  • Bots, bots everywhere. (Random character names, often level 30+ with low level gear, and don’t have a faction.)

  • Shields are the only mechanic capable of blocking projectiles.

  • Weapon blocking can’t block (or reduce damage from) projectiles.

  • Corruption Warding potions don’t reduce corruption ticks enough.

  • The story is droning and boring most of the time.

  • Inconsistencies with story-telling, lore explanations.

  • Fast Travel requires its own special currency called Azoth. This isn’t Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 / Legacy.

  • Alchemy is hard to level.

  • Heavy Armor is useless for withstanding attacks.

  • Projectiles sometimes “ricochet” off enemies. This usually happens if you’re too close to an enemy and attempt to aim proper at them. Client registers a hit, but the server didn’t, so it does an awkward ricochet.

  • Voice Acting sometimes doesn’t play on dialogues that are meant to have voice acting.

  • Inconsistent Level Requirements for quests and the areas the quests go to.

  • Some enemies reset / retreat after only a few meters.

  • Horrible enemy pathfinding.

The Good

  • Beautiful Scenery

  • Beautiful Music

  • Simple Crafting System

  • You can pet The Dog

  • Voice Acted Dialogue

  • Seasonal Events

  • Repeatable Quests from your Faction, which reset/update often.

The Ugly

  • Almost. No. Character. Customization. At. All.

  • Healing is so convoluted in how it’s calculated and how you target people with healing spells, you might as well dedicate your whole character build to only be healing. Meaning, you can never play anything else but healing and maybe one or two other weapons.

  • Severe limits on how many characters an account can have.

  • Guilds governing taxes. TERA tried this, and it was a TERAble idea. It still is a terrible idea.


Amazon makes a game, they made an MMO. It’s “Okay” at best. But the game makes me fight it to enjoy it.

Uhh hold a staff or sword and lemme shoot you with a rifle or bow irl try and block it

PS: might not end well

Realism arguments are really stupid ik, but this one actually makes sense. Also gives shield more of a purpose

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