My opinion on chat bans and bots

i want to show people how fast it is to get baned for talking in new world… and how imposible it is for bots to get baned.
saying words like idiot gay or whatever in chat will get you baned in like 10 minutes max.
even when its not addressed to you.this kind of power left there for any 1 to abuse is not consumer friendly.
I even tested it out on a random guy that said idiot in global… insta baned.He didnt say anything else just ‘‘idiot’’ thats all it takes…
the system devs use is just stupidity at its finest.
Let me explain .When you report someone the text they type that time of report it takes it and send it to people to review it… THAT TEXT CAN BE OUT OF CONTEXT .
so people that review it dont know who the insult was ment for . so basically chat reviewers only ban people that use words.
in that case why they dont have chat filter ?
wouldnt that make more sense?
Now the secound point is the punishment .Why will you ever remove and denie access to any 1 based on chat.How can 1 player be removed from game for 24 hours or more for saying idk idiot or gay or whatever.How is that helping the situation ?The game lost way to many players… the worst thing you can do as a company is shoot yourself in the leg and remove more players from playing the game…
You devs need to understand a thing all games are based on community. its like a bar.
1 table has people that talk about politics , another talks about games and so on. each human at the table is different and come from a different background. You cannot come to us and tell us what to talk and how to talk.its just foolish.
listen …
i play video games all my life and if someone whisper me in game right now and says something like this
-you fat looking bitch u suck CHINA NUMBA 1
i wouldnt never report him instead il engage into this and make it a back and forward trash talk . BECAUSE THAT WHAT GAMERS LOVE TO DO. pls dont take this way from us.
It was like this first 100 hours of the game… it was go great i loved it to much… then out of nowere it turned into this militant thing.

Even your cock i mean coc ( code of conduct) is weird.

  1. Treat others the way they wanted to be treated
    Isnt that what every 1 does? and u ban them.
    this is how i talk to my friend.
  • yo stupid stop wanking for a minute and watch this new game
    and he says
    -give me a minute idiot found a porno with your mom in it
    this right here to others might find insulting but to us gamers this is LOVE ,RESPECT at its finest.
    undestand that there is a difference .
  1. Play to enjoy the game.
    this is for people that you ban for saying 12+ things. cant enjoy the game if u cant play it
  2. Focus on the game
    what is this a job? ohh… now i understand why bots dont get baned … they focus on the game.

-add chat filter
-stop baning people for saying out of context things
-stop baning people for saying insults that even a 12 year old knows. come on you are grown ups
-YOU HAVE MUTE AND BLOCK use them !!! its not ok to see a random guy in chat say idiot and just report him even tho is not addressed to you.
-stop deny access to players that are over 18+ and talk like they are 18+ we say fk shit cum dogshit all the dam time… thats what we do … we are not 12 year olds we are not bots. this is not a fancy restaurant .

Now lets talk about bots
I UNDERSTAND! that is a hard process and u dont want to make mistakes.
But THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE . i have been reporting this 1 simple bot for over 6 days . each day i go that spot to farm and get my fishing skill up and i see him…for hours
and days !in the same spot doing the same task , fishing.i legit can count and tell you the settings of this bot that simple it is.
I reported this bot each time and talked to people that did the same, he didnt get baned…
Keep in mind i descover this bot 6 days ago… i dont know how long hes been fishing … might be here for 1 month i dont know.
You guys need to get active admins that can enter in game… with work accounts that have powers like invizibilty (so players, bots dont detect you) and teleporting( so you can teleport there to check the bot)
this is the only way you can deal with this problem and fast.
If you guys need 6+ days to ban 1 bot how the hell can you even fix this problem?
NO PLAYER SHOULD GO OUT OF HIS WAY TO GIVE YOU ENOUGH PROFF TO BAN A BOT!LET THAT BE CLEAR. no 1 is here to do your job for free and you get payed.

someone who say gay in global chat gets baned in less than 10 minutes taken out of context and denie access to game for 3 days.
and a bot that is fishing for 6 days streight non stop same spot . gets no ban . on top of that he is making real life money!
fair right?

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il tell you a little secret … there is a small indie game named riot games… that was trying to fix toxicity in game using the same system as yours…
all it did is end up teaching people to abuse the report feature against every 1 that they dont like…this people never used mute or block… the company had to hire more people to handle the reports. after 10+ years they were so close to remove chat from game …

Here is an idea. Dont chat in game. No ban.

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That is my question for you too.

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months…
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry.

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