My personnal positive criticism

Hello community, Hello AGS Team,

I wrote this post in order to bring my brick to this game, just because I want this game to succeed, I enjoy playing New World

I took me lot’s of time working on this topic and I hope you, AGS, will have a look on it. I won’t discuss about incoming changes, only about things I think it would be great to get. Please note that my intention is to push positive review, in order to improve this raw diamond.

English isn’t my mothertongue, sorry if some parts are not fully understandable, I’m ready to add some extra explanation if needed.

  • PTR : Make it live permanently.

We need to get new content and update properly tested before it goes live. We also need to get those update and content properly tested. How ? simply by adding some sort of quest to check if people are really testing the content and reward them on live server by giving them coin (gold), custom skin, cash shop coin or whatever.

If there’s a mistake on the PTR server, it doesn’t matter, you can wipe it.

  • Issue report tool: ATM, it is really bad (sorry for that :wink: )

I want to help to report issue but it is not user friendly.

I don’t want to spend time, going on forum, taking a screen shot and speding 5-10min to do a report, and could be lost on forum. The issue reported by the player needs to be reported by the CM to the dev team, too complicated.

We need a better tool, to report bug and issue in-game, by having category of issue, being able to report issue on certain location, in order to also fix small issue like tree growing throught rock, ore floating in the air, respawning monsters’ frequency, etc.

  • OPR : Part of the content of OPR is useless, and a bit frustrating.

Player just rush point, and fight, that’s all.

How can you improve that ?

  • Enabling door and artillery on side POI (on Moon and Star) at the start of the game and wood/hide would be needed only if the structure is damaged. With this change, OPR would more look’s like a guild war training, rather than a blood mess.

  • Role tag to balance team ( tag OPR as tank/heal/ range dps/ melee dps)

  • Add a kind of MMR to help ballacing team

Why those change ? simply to make the content more interessting, to be a better training for 50v50.

A typical OPR on my server consist on spawn kill, with a score of 1000-100 …

It could be nice to have an OPR for player bellow lvl 60

Another nice improvement, but would need far more work would be a cross server OPR ( my dream )

  • Invasion: I appreciate the change on sprigan, but it is far from being enough.

We need at least:

  • Have an option to choose if we want people from other faction or not, as we can not manage it ( usually, when we have player from other faction, they steal repair parts, put mines on fence, they dance in the fort … ). We need to have this choice, because sometimes, we are not enough people to fil up the board and need help from every player reccorded.

  • Increase the number of choosen player ( ATM 10, we need at least 20-30 )

We never won, we can’t prepare properly, it’s just a waste of time ATM as we know that we are going to loose.

  • City downgrade: Atm, my company own an highly developed city, and as we know we can’t win, it is a bit frustrating. It could be nice to have less downgrade scalled on the round hit during the invasion. For example, last invasion, we hit wave 8, and loose (I would like to note that the scalling between wave is weird, regarding elite monster spawning). The result was 7 downgrade, like we would do nothing, despite we spent lot’s of currency to prepare.

  • Corrupted portal and probability of invasion: ATM, it seems it has no effect, could you confirm us that it helps to lower the probability to face an invasion ?

  • Balancing elite area : ATM, grinding the watermark is horrible.

Chest give nothing exceptional, Elite boss give nothing except T5 potion ( the best joke ) despite it takes 5-10 min to kill just because their HP pool is really high. Corrupted portal is really hard in myrkgard, even with 20-30 players (some can be done, some are just impossible ( the one with waves mechanic finishing by a commander), especially regarding the pvp flag on recent changes, guys pulling mobs and rape us really often.

We know that there’s a new mechanic, difficulty based on the number of people, might need to be adjust.

  • Azoth : I usually run out of azoth or losing azoth because I’m full ( especially when I do two 50vs50 in two hours)

What I suggest is to increase azoth storage limit, but how ? Two different way :

  • Azoth Trophies : 100 azoth per trophies => up to 300 extra azoth

  • A more grindy way : selling azoth to the faction’s Pnj to improve the limit ( for ex : selling 1000 azoth would improve the storage limit by 1,2,5 extra) with a cap limit

  • Personal storage : another hot topic.

ATM, it is a bit a mess. We can take item out of another location but not send it, I don’t understand why. So I suggest :

  • Reducing the cost of transaction ( 500 gold to take out 3k ironhide which cost less than 500 gold ? )

  • Having the possibility to send item to another storage to help HL crafter

Please, do not bind storage together, it’s a bit silly.

Another change, improving the player’s QoL : Profession’s piece of gear management.

It would be nice to have the possibility to identify item for a specific profession in a blink of an eye.

For exemple : mark item, add an icon the there’s a perk to a specific profession, have a location in the chest for each profession, like a sub-chest.

  • Guild Chest : We deservedly need a Guild chest.

As we need to farm tons of component to do war and invasion ( potion, food etc), it takes time, so we split it between people in our company.

It would be nice to have a storage to gather those component, and not push this job to our crafter.

  • Great axe : I know, it sound like another blubber comment.

It needs to get a change. Too strong regarding the skill needed to play it ( close to the ground, jus dash and left clic) and the impact on pvp content. War hammer is also strong, but it needs more skill as you need to anticipate to be efficient, and so I don’t think it needs changes.

  • Changes reading the minimap.

I like the minimap and I understand that displaying resources on it is against AGS policies.

But the current in game radar system is weird, or might not working properly. Sometime, I’m next to an ore, and it’s not displayed on the bar on the top of my screen. Sometime, I see an ore really farm ( for ex : stellar ore ) and the radar is useless in this case.

What could be great, might be too much work, is it display on our map, resources we saw since 24h or 1h, in order to help new player or farmer.

Thank you for your time,


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