My pvp Q s are broken

Hey guys, I have a problem.
Since a few weeks my Q times for pvp have increased insanely, up to a point that today I sat in 21+ minute arena Q, then I went ofline and thought to myself, F this Sht…

Now I went back online at peak hours, Q ed for arena and sat in town afk waitingfor arena for 15 minutes but still no Q so I just logged off again… :frowning:

I think my pvp is broken, because I simply cannot find PvP anymore.

Amazon, please help me play the game I love so much, what do I do?

I m desperate to play the game again but havent been able to because my pvp Q is bugged or something, and it seems to get worse and worse and worse.

No more pvp at all lately!


troll post. Everyone already knows that its impossible to find queues and that ags doesn’t care.

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Since fresh start split the player base in 2 and the streamers quitting, the servers are just not in a good place right now for PVP. I play on one of the biggest legacy servers and struggle to fill 1 OPR now. There is nothing wrong with your Q just no one to play with.

Hello @kev.gouw,

I’m really sorry about this situation you are facing with the long queue for PvP, after going a little over the forum I found that this has been reported as well by other players, the news section of the forum, Official News - New World Forums, has nothing reported as an outage so in the best way that I can help you is reporting this to the dev team so they are aware of this and can take actions as soon as possible.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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