My quests aren't showing up since the 12th

My quests aren’t showing up since the 12th

Even after the update on the 16th, my game is still bug, I’ve repaired the files and it’s still the same, the quests don’t appear.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. This could be caused by a quest:

Please let me know if you have the quest and if completing it fixes your journal. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have this quest.
As soon as I complete it, I will let you know.

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That’s right, I completed the mission and everything is back to normal.



Awesome! I will mark your post as solved. :slight_smile:

For reference in case you have problems:

Here’s what we found.

My wife and I went to the pin on the map even though we could not open our journals as per your advice.

Head of the Snake Quest is 3 parts:

Burn Tents
Click the Banner and kill Drusella
Grab the letter

On PTR we always did this quest as a duo, with no other help. We always got stuck on “Click the Banner” which would not interact with us after our journal bugged out.

However on Live there was a couple of groups in the town and one person was able to click the banner to spawn Drusella.

We were able to kill her rather quickly with about a dozen players fighting her and when she died Part 2 completed and changed to “Take the letter” which were were able to do and then turned in the quest.

Our journals are now fixed. If you’re stuck on the clicking banner part to spawn Drusella then go back at high server population times and wait for someone who isn’t bugged to click the banner. Server Population

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