My response to dev about watermark

If that nerd is dealing 2kdmg, that gives them 60 extra dmg. Like I said you need to look at the numbers in the dmg calc to see.

i can say their are a ton of people that are awaiting pvp arenas 2v2 3v3/ smaller scale pvp all pvp in game is currently large scale.
adding these new umbrals give something similar to faction vendors to upgrade faction pvp gear. right now 520 gear is way to low to be worth anything.


Okay, I can see that. What about end game stuff for PvE?


thats the issue tho you cant just keep adding end game pve and nothing to pvp thats what causes people to get mad.

you add mutations for pve now its time to add somthing to satisfy pvpers


I think the mutated dungeons are fine.

But the impression I get with the last few releases is that PVP is fine with just OPR which as it stand also tailors to PVE. Which is not bad but nothing seems to be for PVP players and the performance is terrible.

I want to see meaningful combat in the open world. Or ranked PVP instances. I also want to see multiple play styles supported. You guys have added PVE stuff only.

There are 100 posts on the forums with better ideas for PVP but here is a short list:

  1. Add loot from PVP kills in the OW that matches your WM.
  2. Add better rewards from OPR chests.
  3. Add more ways to get Gypsum with PVP
  4. Give us faction missions that are better.

So you’re saying keep the dungeons for pve and the arenas for pvp? Which makes sense and I know I’d enjoy as a player… but then brings the question with, so many weapons and/or armor feels unbalanced. Shouldn’t arenas wait then?


Ranked arenas would help you balance combat.


You’re right about unbalance right now but with smaller scale pvp you’re able to balance weapons easier imo you can open the ptr up and just test out pvp arenas for a period of time, atleast at that point people know you guys are working on them. im sure if youre playing the game youve seen the crowds of players dueling outside WW or seen the people creating their own dueling tournaments. But the only issue with dueling is you start the duel and you both kinda just look at each other and once the timer ends you start attacking.

would be nice to have actual arenas added that we can que for also would be nice if they added arena land marks close to towns were people can go and have duels in a actual arena for fun.

as for more content for pve i would like to see all expiditions have mutations and also they need to mutate the arena bosses.

btw i really do appreciate you coming into this thread and actually talking with us! really does mean alot!


That doesn’t make sense from any point of view …

GA / WH are kings in PvP not because they are good or because they do a lot of damage. It’s because of his CC and AoE in instantiated PvP.

In 1vs1, you will see how hatchet, Rappier, even S & S / Musket star to shine.

I agree that some PvP is needed to occupy you, but not because of the reasons you expose.

This is a good idea.

Also recommend that in arenas G.S. doesn’t apply but perks and stats do. That way anyone can join and technically be relevant with enough skill.

Arenas would also give the PvP crowd another option

Depends on the focus of the pvp for the future. For example, everything is balanced for large scale fights but things like 1v1 are more unbalanced. You can’t balance on a 1v1 basis in a large scale pvp focused game, it doesnt translate well for things like outpost rush or wars or running pvp missions as a company.

Honestly, arenas will only highlight the imperfections certain weapons have and make it more punishing to those that dont pick the top3 combinations every patch (or get frustrated when those weapons get nerf bat). And while that isnt bad in general, that’s isnt exactly skillful either.

PVP always-on zone with a weekly or monthly 600expertise reward structure would solve end game pvp. Your faction selection is locked for that month, but you can choose to try your hand at 1vx, small scale or large scale depending whats in the zone. and it re-incentivizes that there is this huge world to explore instead of niche instanced encounters that promote raid-logging.


I’ll definitely make notes on all of this, you have great points!

And, thank you :), I really am trying and we’re all in this together for sure.


I’m personally actually excited to finally have some challenging pve content, though I would have much preferred 3v3 arenas since pvp was the original appeal of New World.


I know I’m not the best player nor am I able to keep up with what I feel like I need to do. My biggest fear is that I’m going to be falling further and further behind. I know I’m probably over thinking it, but for some reason I feel like I need to horde gypsum casts for when I start to get some decent drops. I’m sitting on 17 because my average expertise is 502. I feel like I need to just get the greens to start ramping it up. If we are going to be bumping gear score this quickly. I feel like the first gypsums should be boosting people up to the 550 range.

I know I’m lagging behind more and more cause I have completionist tendencies and professions and gathering takes so much time. I get the idea to go on an adventure and get so many crafting mats that I have to turn around and spend 3 days of what I end up playing burning off the weight. I’m with the general sentiment that its just going too fast. I can’t keep up and the same with the sentiment that it starts to feel like too much work.

With my playstyle I am impacted by the botting more via lack of resources then the gold side, but I’d love to see an opportunity to feel caught up and then think about doing actual content.

P.S. Weapon xp from OPR please. Chaining that hoping to get past 505 average gear score with a lvl 8 weapon is painful sometimes. I sometimes feel like I’m just taking up a spot and unable to contribute.


i believe you have a higher gypsum cast roll until you get to 580 then it is lower. not 100% sure but someone said somthing about it in a diff post and it kinda seems believable and i say that because my bow was at lik 586 and each gypsum cast was bumping it up like 1 time till it hit 590

I personally think the general direction your headed in is correct but with one mistake.

Have Dungeons (Expeditions) → Have Harder Versions of those Dungeons (Mutations) → Get Better Loot?

What I think you need improvement on is the rewards/loot from the harder content. I think there should be gear sets etc that drop from these harder versions (mutations). Right now your current strategy is - Adding another system to upgrade existing gear - This doesn’t sound as fun.

The gear that we get from these harder dungeons should visually look different so that people know we have cleared that hard content hence why I’m suggesting gear sets with set bonuses etc, that drop at higher tier levels rather than these new shards to upgrade existing 600 gs pieces.

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I wasted (or at least that was my feeling) when they first came out and got 504 or so notifications. I feel like if I made it to higher level content I’d likely see better gains than that. Maybe it is just supposed to be really slow even for those of us that are perpetually behind. Hopefully they trivialize gear well enough in PvP where I can feel like I matter, but I don’t think I have much of a chance with the amount of power coming from weapon perks.

open world needs to have some things as well, dynamic events, open area bosses with better mechanics,

see guild wars 2’s dynamic event chains

or FFXIV eureka

or blade and soul’s
elite areas

for reference if you aren’t familiar, you have open world quests chains, or certain conditions that trigger a boss fight that scales to the number of participating players. The bosses are unique usually and have mechanics.

groups form naturally as players do the content

also, I like your style of asking questions and fostering deeper discussion, even if nothing comes of it. thumbs up.


Arenas!!! small scale 3v3 5v5 2v2 etc

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Please more Content for PvP players. I dont want to play PvE all the time.
PLEASE more PvP content like Arena, better loot, more gypsum for PvP …anything !!

Maybe together with the Mutation patch ??? :pray: :pray: :pray: