My response to dev about watermark

24 hour timeouts of all types need to be changed to 22 or 23 hour timeouts (or reset each day at a known time).

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I fear that with this system everything not 600 will be trash and will become useless (nad not sellable). Why waste good pieces of gear only because not 600? Non sense!

Where di u get that 1% info, sir? Because there’s calulations proving its around 10%

I would prefer 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 rated pvp arenas with no orbs to access, that I can climb all day and get BIS PvP gear rewards with time.

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HUGE problem here is your not adding new dungeons your just recycling old content with out giving it a decent tuning pass. While passing it off as new content and telling us … ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED !!! do you not see how low effort this is and why everyone is upset ?

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I mean, I didn’t create any content… :wink: you don’t want to see me trying to code. With that being said, my question still stands then. What is something you’d like to see instead of dungeons?


PvP battlegrounds, 3v3 ranked arenas, team deathmatch battlegrounds, anything non-PvE related to allow me to progress my character, I’ll be all for it and play it.


I want to fight for OPEN WORLD BOSSES.

I wanna do HUGE 40 MAN RAIDS

I wanna do ARENA PVP

Gimme tournaments, 100 man pvp fights, shit flying in the air, actual crusades against actual forts.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel when you can’t draw a circle, other mmos got this right decades ago

PvP - town raids. a mechanic that lets any opposing faction to steal town tax money through a miniature war. make the rewards proportional to the % they have and also make it trigger off of other overworld pvp. adds another distraction while people are pushing influence.

PvE - reverse portal invasions. after winning an invasion let us do essentially what is a 40man or 20man instanced dungeon pushing into the depths of the corruption to kick a demon in the butt for big rewards. makes people take invasions even more seriously as a raid event should drop a LOT of cool s tuff. (its kind of a dungeon but at the same time its not)


There are other types of pvp than king of the hill. The meta of war hammer and great axe is only so prevalent because we have to stand on a small circle and swinging a hammer around is effective. What if we had a capture the flag, or oddball. These would encourage other play styles.

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i sent you a message of a post in this thread somewhere please take a look at it

I would like to actually hit where my axe is showing me it is swinging, instead of passing through an opponent’s body and hitting air.

Or let the game show the actual position of the opponent, so that I know the real distance.

@Shadow_Fox @Willard

#1 first and foremost. Addressing loot in your game. Loot in NW is TERRIBLE! Players have no agency when it comes to loot in this game. You basically get what you see and if it isn’t perfect keep on rolling with it. your Umbral system actually adds insult to injury on this as it disenfranchises all gear progression / collection for gear that is not 600. (litterally invalidating every one of my gearing decisions i’ve made my whole time in the game)

  1. Implement a Affix re-rolling like diablo 3. Allowing 1 and only 1 affix on an item to be rerolled. Have it cost Azoth to use this feature. Steadily increasing costs.
  2. Implement a system that increases the item level of items so when someone finds a good item they can grow the item with them. (Umbral seems perfect for this)
  3. Balance your affixes so they all adhere to a stat budget. IE … 10 % damage does not equal 10% fortifacation with 50% uptime
  4. Adjust the affix buckets to be based on stats for armor. Life staff perks have no business on a STR / DEX peice of armor.
  5. Give crafters more control over crafted items. They are insainly expensive to produce so they should always be good.
  6. Get rid of Item bloat from crafters. There is no reason for there to be 4-6 different weapon charms for each weapon. Make them just charms and the affix “looked up” when applying them. This means every charm has a useful / desired affix for A weapon type. Decress the charm drop rate by 80% to compensate for this.

All of these systems give players agency over their progression. They can find a 550 item with perfect stats and then grow said item into a 600 GS item. They would then be able to re-roll the last affix that is rolled if it did not land the way they desired. You find a legendary that has perfect affixes but the wrong stats. It can be corrected. Right now Players are just playing to hopefully get lucky. Even with getting lucky on 3 layers of RNG you still have 2 more layers of RNG to determine if it’s good.

#2 Fix Gypsum. There are layers of layers of time gates for gypsum. Why for the love of god can’t you just make gypsum gypsum and stop encouraging players to do something they don’t want to do. This feels bad and has made game modes like OPR feel even worse. this is an artificial incentive to get people to join in activates they do not enjoy. This does not actually make the activities enjoyable. This is pure stick with a bad carrot.

  1. Make Gypsum Gypsum. There is no reason to have redundancy with this and have different types. If a player just wants to walk around and harvest and doesn’t want to do OPR … Let the player walk around and harvest and not do OPR… If your artificially inflating the metrics of OPR with “encouraging” people to play it … you are blinding your self into thinking it’s rewarding. Your using a Stick instead of just letting it be pure Carrot. If you want more OPR … make it more rewarding …
  2. Remove the layered time gates on Gypsum… All you need is the time gate on the casts them selves. Do you know how annoyed i am that i have 3 diamond gypsum i cannot use as i missed one day of turning it into a cast? Feels bad … If you homogenize Gypsum into just Gypsum and restrict it’s acquisition to once every hour of play… Boom you are good to go… Everyone gets to do what ever they want be it boss farming or portal farming or PVP. No one feels forced to play a certain way.
  3. Have clear communication regarding GS … how Expertise is gained. When your at cap. How much expertise you should expect to gain. The layers of RNG on this are also bad. Players don’t like RNG… They are ok with grinds if they have a steady cadence. Look at Ever quest AA’s … there are to this day still people playing the original Ever quest.
  4. Implement Weapon XP again past 20. Every time you loop the 20 you can gain 1 expertise in that weapon. this would further re-enforce a logical way of targeting your upgrades and a logical means of getting expertise.
  5. implement a XP bar for every time you get a 60’s level worth of XP you get 1 expertise in an armor slot to be spent.

These changes will give players quite a bit more flexibility and agency over Expertise upgrades. These changes also make for logical transition into the Endgame with weapon expertise being gained via xp. 95 % of your playerbase is still in the 550 range of expertise. Think of this from a new players perspective that just joins today. The grinds you are imposing are not natural gameplay. They are grinds for grinding sake.

#3 Stop making everything in the game level 66 and embrace the content of 500-600. This game is missing content between 500-600. Zones need to be slightly repurposed. Dungeons all need a 62+ version of them. Access to Dungeons in general.

  1. Ebon scale and Reekwater should be all 62+. Morning dale should be 55-62 Edengrove should be 62+ Shattered mountain should be 64+ Great Cleve should be 50-62. Restless Shores should be 45-55. Weavers Fen should be 35-45. These are all suggestions but the core of this suggestion is the fact that you only feel like there are 1-3 areas in the game you can progress casually with out having a group. This needs to change. Players should easily be able to hit 550 GS with out being required to join in groups.
  2. All dungeons need a Dungeon + version of them. Start with Armine / Starstone. Yes i am saying start from the bottom. Design content around the 95% of the player base not the 1%. These dungeons need to be around 62-3. Start people on the progression path gently. These dungeons give guaranteed watermark upgrades up to 530. Depths should bring you up to 550. running at 64. Dynasty+ brings you up to 570 @ 65 and Gen / Laz bring you up to 600 with 66.
  3. Access to Dungeons. For the love of god stop this madness with regards to Orbs. NO ONE LIKES THEM ! I can’t imagine you guys at AGS actually understand how much everyone hates orbs. No one likes grinding to make them. No one likes paying for a slot to hop in on them. If you need to tune down the rewards that is a happy medium that everyone is willing to concede. Drop the gold to what they were prior as that was enough to keep up with repairs. All in all Stop time gating this content.
  4. Revert portals back to 65 … No one enjoys the corruption mechanic in general. It’s ticking WAY too fast … and at 66 it’s ticking for 10 a pop.

#4 Remove Luck from gear in the game. I don’t care how you do this … It can become a charm we upgrade. It can be a stat we increase from gaining essence like GW2. All in all Luck is making players focus on having luck on their gear due to Fear of missing out instead of making good gearing choices to help the group succeed. It is also terrible in the game due to the fact luck doesn’t affect certain activities while affecting others. This is purely AGS’s fault and needs to be corrected. Every game that has had a Magic find stat associated with gear has regretted it and evolved past it. Please for the love of god copy any successful MMO on this and don’t re-invent the wheel. People should look at their gear and only see if it makes more combat proficient. Trying to wear Luck gear hurts the team … A perfect example of this is the following. Tank is wearing Luck gear to maximize his drops. He takes more damage because of this. This causes the healer to have to heal more and take agro… All because of a terrible mechanic that incentivizes personal greed over team success. DPS players wearing luck instead of a weapon affix or warding … causing them to take more damage. Causing more healing agro ? Healers wearing Luck gear instead of ward / resistance gear / weapon stats… not providing as much buff / boon to the party that could mitigate more damage … causing more heal agro… also allowing them to be one shot by boss mechanics due to the lack of ward. Stop enabling personal player greed. DPS players can’t be bothered with equipping carnelians in their gear to let tanks tank… causing agro to be more sparatic. All because they want more luck. Because of Fear of Missing out. This is TERRRIBLE. This must be fixed. It’s causing a Terrible dynamic in the game.

#5 Foster structured PVP. There are so many problems with the current war system and the lack of Arena / Structured PVP it’s embarrassing.


  1. Give an Exhaustion timer to wars. The same 50 group of players stomping around the entire server is oppressive and not fun. Especially with the fact these companies have cemented their grasps on the servers through the gold funneled to them via towns. People who participate in wars should have a 24h CD on invasions and wars.
  2. Reduce the number of people to fill a roster of a war / invasion to 20 people. Since your not allowing the same people to do all of the invasions and wars on the server with the exhaustion mechanic you now have less requirement needed.
  3. Structured Arena’s for PVP. Dear god it’s the lowest hanging fruit for you … make structured 2v2 3v3 and 5v5. Your probably afraid of this due to the sever balance issues in this game. But this will give you a really good focus on what needs to be fixed
  4. Break the tie between PVE and PVP on abilities. Give them two separate stats. This is the best gaming design i have ever seen implemented to correct the nightmare that is balancing. I would argue that due to PVP nerfing of healing you have almost broken healing on the high end of PVE. It all seems very knee jerk and not planned out.

#6 Have players that you actually listen to for gods sake… Put them under NDA … run these ideas off of them first. The “i hear you and am listening” narrative only goes so far and we’ve been getting it for almost 3 months but yet we are in the same boat because AGS clearly does not understand what players want. This patch is clearly designed around the 1% of your population and not the 95%. This is not a subscription game … You are not obligated to keep pace with turbo gamers that burn through your content in 4 months. But you are Obligated to make new content and enrich the game that is lacking between 500-600 which does not feel fleshed out at all.

#7 Feature Road Map. Dear Lord this is the beginning of basic communication. Your video in December of “hear us out” and “we haven’t given up on you” was decent but we are half way through January and you knew you had a burning bag of shit prior to Christmas vacation so it feels like AGS is just kicking the rock down the road instead of having meaningful open dialogs from the developers to the player base. Because if you are … this isn’t it. This system of advancement … Isn’t it … This communication … isn’t it… It’s almost like you expected everyone to forgive you over X-mas while we had the convergence which was a decent distraction but not a good event.

In Summary
This game has some of the coolest bones / structure I have ever seen, Even Asmongold says you guys have great bones. You are screwing it up terribly. I don’t know which director is in charge of the path you are choosing but its not inline with what the player base wants. This animosity is proof alone. I am personally on my last leg with this game. Lost Ark comes out in a month so you got 27 days on this window closing personally. Look at your Steam reviews if your wanting inspiration on things to fix. Any player that has more than a 100 hours and negative feedback is a huge problem. Every shill under 50 hours probably hasn’t actually hit your endgame. They probably haven’t realized HOW grindy your game is.

Anyways there ya go your feedback


For some PVE endgame that doesn’t feel like a repetitive grind, I suggest something like the original Guildwars underworld. Unlike other forms of instanced PVE, the underworld was an instanced region that was open world layout inside rather than a linear experience like an Expedition or traditional dungeon. This made for an extremely high level of repeatability without burnout due to players being able to try different paths or methods and it was pretty much impossible to run the entire underworld in a single time entering it. You would pretty much always wipe as a party and be ejected because different tactics and group mixes were needed for the different areas/routes within. Part of the fun was when your party succeeded at running through one route and area within you would always try to see how far you could get through another route and area before you wiped.

Areas where NPC factions are actually fighting nonstop kinda like in Destiny. Have souldwarden forts under constant attack and give life to the “struggle” we are in. How awesome would it be to see a fort in the distance being under siege and hear the crack of rifles and weapons. Almost like we saw this once…

Its time marked :wink:

The issue for the PvP crowd is the non existant reward structure for PvP activities that has been in place since launch.

Cashes from Wars and Outpost Rush drop completely useless items 99,99% of the time that you will instantly salvage. Drops that you get from killing other players in the Open World somehow are even worse than that and also get salvaged instantly. There is just no meaningful way to progress your character outside of PvE activities or Crafting.

With the new Umbral System this will only get worse as it’s gonna be near impossible for a PvP player to get any of their pieces to 625, like ever. This means any PvP player that wants to stay competetive in Wars and Outpost Rush will have to participate in PvE content that they might not enjoy at all.

The beauty of New World after the introduction of the Gypsum system was the freedom that you had to progress via a lot of different activities (even though there only is a single PvP activity) and I thought you guys would just build on this in the future. But now only a month later you completely take away what you worked for so hard by pushing every player into a singular PvE activity again.

The mantra going forward should be to create a wide variety of content and let players choose however they want to progress. You don’t like mutated dungeons? No problem, just do XYZ activity.

If PvP players will be constantly pushed into PvE content for progression going forward, the PvP crowd will slowly leave this game behind over time. Just imagine the shitstorm if you pushed PvE players into doing PvP content to progress.

But back to your Question, Here are some other activities that would be great additions for PvP players:

  1. Dynamic world PvP events similar to Portals

  2. Other “Battlegrounds” like OPR (f.e. Payload delivery á la Overwatch, Carry the Flag, King of the Hill)

  3. Small Scale Arenas 2v2, 3v3 etc.

  4. Forceflagged PvP zone á la Cyradil from Elder Scrolls Online


So exactly like WoW then?

Also another shame is you guy’s did nothing with the vanguard content. This could have been a great way to fill in the content gaps of 500-600… It seems like this content just ends at 25 ?

you may hate on wow as much as you want but wow’s PVP scene is probably the strongest out of all the games. their structured arenas are actually very well put together. Also if it works really well in a game older than you … maybe it’s something to consider ? Wow used to have lockouts … they actually transitioned to loot lockouts from bosses instead of lockouts. Hate on wow all you want but they have done somethings right.

Let me know what you think! @shadow_fox