My server is dead what i do

**my server is dead total active player 250 to 20 all weeks is dead i cant join wars because other teams have all Lv.60 player and my level is 60 too , i cant make a company because no one will join there no players ??

i used my transfer server i was in Quivira and i transfer to Bermeja

what happen to new server …!
there some player say there a [ youtuber ] said he will transfer and all must player transfer with him. and there the server drop down…

not this only reason the players life there no balance between factions
and the players left for it and bugs and there players quiet the game
this game its so hard to play solo
and after pvp update all faction is pvp active when the farm elite zone i cant join with them because the form the strong faction its take ever thing !
i cant fight them and i cant join they faction because i have could-down for 90 days i don’t have team because green faction there no so much players in server maybe 20 or 14

i know about servers merges

i want say server transfer is broken this game > without active players no one will recommend this game **

i love this game i players over 300hr in game, I’m so happy with it. i want play more hours in this game but the game dead now the new update or more mobs or maps or items will not make players again new world first must fix transfer servers or start merges soon

-This is just my opinion

Gather in peace! Flag up for the bonus. Become rich while you can and when the servers merge you will be a god.

Hello @OzirlDaim

You might need to check the following about server transfer and other: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2