My single greatest annoyance with the New World community

I enjoy going on chest world tour runs, but the worst behavior I’ve ever seen is that so many people have this really stupid, shark-brained mentality, where they think it’s less work and more beneficial to ignore every mob and go right for chests, even if that mob interrupts them over and over until they die. The problem with this is a few-fold.

For healers, it means they pull all the aggro from healing others who don’t kill anything, or help them, so the healer dies and may get left behind, perma’d and just give up, completely deflated.

The runs used to be a super chill way to level weapon expertise too, but not when no one will kill anything.

Also, if you are behind because so many aren’t even looting anything, but going right to bosses, you get no contribution on those bosses and can’t loot anything because the mobs have all reset to those locations.

Great runs are where everyone just kills everything in seconds, loots, and moves together… We often ran tours like this, perfect clockwork on Eden before we were merged with Olympus, and the runs here are godawful.

Sometimes you gotta just throw on your big boy pants and go with the flow, you can’t change people, but the incompetent way people do these things can be very frustrating, especially when you know how good they could be.


I’ve noticed this too and wondered about it myself.

Siren’s is a really good example. Often a group will actually set off ahead of the zerb specifically calling out the run starts in 3 minutes, but they’ve already headed off to the Siren Guide.

this gives them a much higher rate of drop chance clearly. But the zerg gets there and it’s just some left over trash mobs and the chest. –

this is going to just get worse, human nature, everyone wants the best for them as fast as possible.

I agree with you though, the most productive runs I’ve seen are about 20’ish people moving together, and killing everything. You get tons of reagents, salvage items (which do add up) and everyone gets a much better shot at boss loot.

My favorite is hoards running past a downed player to loot, looting, and LEAVING the player down. that’s cringe. But we’re talking about trophy mats and crafting material far more important than decency and good will!

I still firmly believe that ECR’s were Never intended and ultimately a result of miscalculated content.

Be safe out there.


It’s very fun to see how this behavior is predicted by game theory.

If someone knows you’re going to fight the mobs, they maximize gain by being selfish and looting, as it saves them time, convivence, and risk.

If someone knows you’re going straight for the chest, they will too, because they have nothing to gain by fighting alone.

So, you can expect the average player will choose the selfish choice over the mutually beneficial one, because it has the better payoff.


why stop at one?

Personaly i enjoy doing chest run without loosing time to kill ALL mobs, only Boss. Whatching noobs being oneshot in hight level zone is always a funny thing.
If i can give u an advice, find a company who’s sheduling their own World Tour. This way your chance of dieing will be lowered a lot.

I see no humor in this projection of your own inadequacies to make yourself feel good. What a sad way to live.


Bow main?

Spear/Greatsword, now what?

Ooga-booga melee?

Boom, gottem! :smirk:

Careful, apparently I was offensive enough to get removed lmao.

Yeah. Moderation is kinda all over the place here sometimes.

In case it wasn’t painfully obvious, I was only poking fun at Nyhmfein, mods.

I feel like with release of BS it has gotten much worse. With the glyphs on the chests, mobs hitting harder, and initially the fast respawn time it encouraged more of that type of behavior.

I haven’t really tried any chest runs since the merge with Olympus, but the behavior isn’t surprising - I’d seen some of it even before Eden’s last days started to wind down.

At this point, it’s more fun to play with a friend, communicating directly, and working towards an end with some spontaneity yet involving agreement, rather than play with strangers with a specific, predetermined end in mind but lacking communication or cohesiveness.

I stopped doing the big zergs because of this selfish behavior of ignoring everything but “MY CHEST! MY CHEST! MY CHEST! Smaller groups (<20) are actually fun. Most mobs in BS can drop cool stuff…why not just kill them? And before I hear the “it’s faster” excuse…it’s not good one. 50+ player zerg can kill everything in its path in a a couple of seconds. Seriously, I’m seeing more and more people ignoring downed players to get a chest…that is surrounded by mobs preventing them from even getting the chest…over and over over…until it needs to be opened again…leaving the downed player to die. So fucking lame.

I dislike these people also. The other day at wall a handful did it as always then bailed while people were still clearing the first room. I distinctly remember thinking “i hope they die”. And they did!

Tea bagged them instead of rez them. I’m super nice until other people aren’t then I am petty AF haha


I agree… I now run these chest runs with a small group of friends. You don’t need a zerg to get them done.


You only need 10~20 good coordinated folks to gigachadstomp every old elite chest route. One tank for boss control, and two or three healers for easy safety. Yesterday I joined a late night Mines-Myrk run and it was SO satisfying I had to thank everyone on area chat.

I had zero good drops, but boy that run really felt good.

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Everything about the chest run from start to finish should be deleted. Its a horrible organic feature born out of fixing a problem in the games design by its users rather than its actual team of developers.

Fixing the contribution would probably self-correct your set of issues outlined, however the entire chest run itself is just the root cause for failure imho


Very true.

So the term giving to these folks have been Loot Goblins.

I’m a Loot Goblin. I don’t gain anything from helping to clear mobs when there’s also 30 other people spamming abilities to the point where mine aren’t really doing anything. I don’t get credit for helping, so I just don’t target mobs unless I absolutely have to. If they ever change it so mobs needed to be cleared, I’ll just sit off to the side and wait for the mobs to die.

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