My summary of the New World Forum

“Irony On”

  1. AGS please no more server downtime but fix the game and bring new content.
  2. Make one game for PVE and one game for PVP so no one has to complain about another.
  3. Give PVE players full sets for every gather or crafting skill so they don´t have to farm them.
  4. Make all crafting stations in the citys tier 5 permanently .
  5. Give every PVP player full 600 GS sets for every possible build and 100 perfect gems from every type.
  6. Nerv ervery weapon and perk to death except the weapons i want to play. Please make my weopons op.

“Irony off”

I am really getting sick reading the Forums. It seems everyone is only complaining.
If you don´t like the game you are free to leave it.
When you have something to say just do it in an civilized and polite way.

Have fun ripping my post apart.


Congratulations :partying_face:

congratulations :partying_face:

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