My t4 house was deleted in everfall

I entered my house to decorate my house and suddenly threw me out of the house and my house was deleted when I want to enter my house, it wants me to buy it back
can you help me

Player Name - RockaRolla
Server - EU Central Duat

Thursday, October 28, 2021 (GMT+3) hour 02:50-03:05

this problem has been going on for weeks, looks like they fixed it for cutlass keys but idk about the rest of the towns or if they are going to do any kind of compensation. kind of kills your desire to play anymore imo

i would probably quit the game if my house got deleted… i’ve spent so much time , money and effort into decorating in my pursuit of the #1 T4 house in my spot in Everfall… very sorry to hear about what happened to you :frowning:

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YUP… thats what we have been telling them for weeks.

It has indeed killed my drive to play. Tomorrow is my deadline. I am quitting since they refuse to compensate.

not sure what server you’re on, im on olympus - id be happy to help you build back up if you were so inclined drop me a msg on server name is Suroot (purple)

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what should I do I want this problem to be solved

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