My thoughts coming back

So I am not super interested in replying to many comments just wanted to say my piece while my server is currently down

I wanted to say that coming back to this game has been very enjoyable. I originally quit because I felt content was lacking and that rushing to get the best gear for pvp was most important because of FOMO and that if I did not manage that there was no point in playing the game.

Coming back I really enjoy the pve content added (granted I haven’t reached all of them yet). And just seeing little changes that make things feel a little better are nice even as little as them updating the Amrine boss to have a different model was cool for me and my friends.
The PVP options in the game are cool. I see there is an arena now which I can’t wait to try out with friends. Also i want to try an OPR since I did not try it last time. I am excited to fight over the new areas I have seen but have not explored yet.
And last BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, the QOL upgrades have been a blessing. Making the game much more convenient is so nice when the game is already so grindy (in a good way)

As far as things I dislike I think the community is extremely hostile and just rather aggressive to each other about random things. Also people are ridiculously afraid of change. And people are consistently “threatening to quit the game” that they have been playing for months now that has lost the majority of its population already… :question:
I also feel like the PVP thirst and competition feels like it isn’t as prevalent which I do kind of miss. That may just be my server or the fact that making money is a bit easier now or I am not sure yet.

I feel like the games direction is going really well and I think people need to put some more positivity into the community themselves.

A few things that I think could use some work :

I think skins could go a little bit further and it could help the game make money. I am not a fan too much of most of the current skins and I think some more with a bit more advertisement would be really cool. Even maybe a skin as a reward for a competition would be REALLY COOL and unique for that player who worked hard for it.
Edit here ^ I see that there is a way to earn skins with this new event and that is exactly what I mean. Awesome job!

Maybe adding some events that are community based (server or even region wide) goal that has people wanting to work together to achieve ( PSA I have not kept up with any events recently so this may have been done already?)

I think a content creator partnership program that has clear cut rules about not spreading hate and helping reinforce positivity to the game could really help. For Example Dead By Daylight’s Fog Whispers.
Edit for this part ^ I see here that there is definitely a program I just don’t see a lot of content so I was unaware.

(Let’s keep the comments positive)
(sorry if I seem a little hostile when talking about the community, I recently read some forums that are just unreasonably hostile for practically no reason)

Also I just want to say I love the new system updates coming in!


oi i care, back off and dont comment such toxic things, it’s just not worth your time isnt it?

I’m glad you’re Back and enjoy the game.
It had a rough start, but the Devs worked hard to continously improve the game, some things didnt work out as expected, some did.

There are some really nice people out there, most of them arent as “loud” as those who like to spread negativity and toxicity.

Sadly most of the EN Forums are a toxic wasteland, funny though the other languages seem far more tame and less hostile.

Enjoy the ride, July Patch will bring additional fun stuff to do;)


Welcome back! I will say the game has made great strides in getting rid of a lot of the “pain points” that were around early in the game.

A lot of new and fun content has been added and there is a lot more in store (via the roadmap).

Welcome back @MikeYuso!!!

I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the experience a bit more this time around. I’m also a fan of the new skins! Gives me a bit more to do.

Good to see you. I completely agree about finding stuff that brings the community together towards a common goal. Turkulon was the closest that came. I remember people calling out his location and asking for help. It turned into a server wide event.

The community doesn’t need more reason to be against each other at this point

He said he wasn’t interested in replying to comments, not reading them.

Lmao. Just reinforcing the

:rofl: :rofl:

If I’d have listened to your advice prior to playing, I’d never have put 3000 hours into this very addicting game.

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