My thoughts on New World after 500h

First of all
I want to specify that the purpose of this text is not to hate the game, but rather to make you understand my feelings after 500 hours of play. Moreover, this criticism is only about the end game and not about the progression in general. After many hours of playing, I simply feel like I played an unfinished game and was never able to get my due.


  1. First of all, there were the lvl 60 portals that were not possible even after several weeks of play. I’m pretty sure Amazon Game intentionally prevented players from accessing to end game content too earlier.
  2. For trading skills, they are repetitive, boring and do not provide real satisfaction. Single player players have to climb all the crafting skills and spend hours to do so. While a player in a company is able to play the whole game without being lvl 200 in any of the crafting skills. This makes it so that a large majority of players get everything on a silver platter while others stop playing because it becomes too boring.
  3. The variety of mobs is also a big problem. When you are lvl 60, you fight against the same mobs as when you were lvl 20. It doesn’t make sense. The game is far too repetitive.
  4. The end game content is mostly to loot chests and improve your watermark. The first 60 levels were just the beginning…

The biggest problem with pvp is that this game is not finished.

  1. Many weapon and armor skills don’t work. How is this possible? Have people tested it?
  2. Many weapons/armor are completely buggy and prevent players from fighting with equal weapons.
    Ex: Hatchet bug, resilience bug, musket crouch bug, ice guntlet bug, etc.
  3. The outpost rush that was available more than a month after the release of the game. Moreover, it’s still not possible to choose your own team even though this mode is supposed to be the competitive mode of the game…
  4. The wars are completely buggy. It seems that the servers get worse with each update.

For crafting, I’m sure that Amazon Game intentionally prevented players from accessing some of the content in order to keep players playing.

I’m talking about some items that were supposed to be in the game, but weren’t.

  1. Legendary weapons that could not be crafted because one of the items for each of them was not available (e.g. the Etched Handgard for the legendary rapier). Amazon answered that this was a bug because the items were available but very rare. This is not true, they were not in the game before the November update.
  2. Arcana weapons that could not be crafted in the legendary version because there was a “bug” that prevented us from reaching 600gs, even with all the necessary equipment.
  3. The weaponsmith pants that were not available because the boss that dropped them spawned once at each server reset. And this, since the release of the game… This bug was fixed after the November update. However, the forum moderators indicated that this item was still dropped by “Entropy”, while this is no longer the case.

In conclusion
The biggest problem of the game is the fact that it is empty. Once you grind the game and have the equipment you always wanted, there is nothing to do. The wars are too buggy to be fun and the outpost rushes are not balanced and this demotivates the players. After the new update, it is also much easier to grind resources and have the same loot as a player who has played over 500 hours. This saddens me.

I like this game a lot, but Amazon Games is giving us air, not fun. I really hope New World will have better additions in the future.

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They will cancel the game like they did with the others.


Can you share with us what these statements are based on. One you’re ‘pretty sure’, the other seems 100% sure.

Just think about the fact that AGS should have tested their end game content before the release.
If they decided to release the game september 28, the end game content should have been working.
But if some end game content were never working for 4 weeks after the release and some items to craft the legendary items weren’t in the game, thats because AGS decided to prevented players to finish the game too quickly.

Well, I can see you’re upset and it seems you’ve got your mind set that the Devs have a hidden agenda. I won’t try to change it. Hope you find some joy in your gaming future.

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