My thoughts so far

It is weird I like actually playing the game, exploring and killing and harvesting, gathering, mining all that.

However this whole trading post per zone, storage per zone. The lack of storage in general.
Evey time a map point comes up on any map I have chosen storage. Everytime. Still I need to seperate all of my crafting materials between 3 towns. It is a pain and stops my enjoyment of the game.

Also I am kind of an Altoholic. I like to play different build/classes one day and another the next. I am not going to respec every time I feel like doing a different play style, have mutliple sets of armor for each spec in the bank. At this point I have 6 characters on different servers.
I get with the whole faction thing why you might not want people to have alts in different factions. Easy solution Faction choice is server wide choice for you any alts can only choose the same faction your first character is in.

Another thing that really bugs me is this whole clunky combat animation I mean games in 1999 had combat moves that did not lock you in place untill the move was over. Why do I need to stop for a second after dodges as well, why do we stop after a small jump? Its so un fluid.

The game is nice looking and new and fun despite only having 6 abilities to fight with in combat, besides light and heavy attacks.

However if I do town board missions it feels like I am doing the same thing in every zone. Look for chests, supplies, etc over andover and over. in similar looking building. I think that is why I spend so much of my time just exploring instead.

Also sometimes I just try to find the highest places I can find to jump my way up to the top. Like a jump puzzle in guild wars 2, with out the reward though.

I hope there are a lot of changes down the line for new world, I do like the game in ways.
If I think of anything else I may edit and add to this post.

I will still keep playing in hopes of some changes however not sure what I am going to do with all of my stuff in storages lol.

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