My Top Feature Request: Ranked Arena Solo Queue

My gameplay loop currently looks like this

  • login
  • maybe do some dailies (crafting CDs, collect Medleyfaire tokens etc)
  • check TP for some good items
  • spam arenas for 1-2h (sometimes do gathering when in queue)
  • maybe do an OPR if arenas get boring
  • logout

So most of my time is spent playing arenas. However, arenas are only fun if

  1. it’s randoms vs randoms (no premade)
  2. it’s equally skilled and geared players
  3. teams have balanced comps and specs (most fun are 3dps vs 3dps, then 2dps+healer vs 2dps+healer, 3dps vs 2dps+healer is usually not fun; as for specs 3 ranged vs 3 melee is usually not fun)
  4. there’s sense of achievement (rating)

As you can see there are lot of conditions for arenas to be fun, and often times arenas indeed end up being 3-0 stomps. I’d say maybe half of the time it’s unplayable and consequently the other half it’s fun.
The reason being that getting stomped gets old really quick and likewise winning immediately by default gets boring really quick.

The solution

  1. can be solved by having separate systems for team and solo queue arenas (however, you would have to shuffle queued players so that those who queue at the same time don’t get placed to same team most of the time)
  2. and 4) can be solved by having a rating and ordering queued players by rating. (there’s argument to be made to have separate rating for each weapon)
  3. can be solved by having a WoW style shuffle queue where everyone plays with everyone (except for healers) so single 3v3 “event” with no healers would have 10 rounds and 3v3 with 2 healers would have 6 rounds.

Therefore, I feel like ranked arena solo queue would check all the boxes. However, after everything said and done we’d still need more maps, game modes etc to keep things from getting stale.

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Bump. Notice me senpai.

Yo but I worked really hard rnging my gear so I deserve to stomp on other people.


I 100% agree with you. But then people might realize it’s the gear thats been carrying them and that’s scary.

No. I personally don’t think they should allow ressource to arenas. There is ALOt more QOL for many things that take priority

I think gear should stay relevant, after all it’s an MMO and not BR. That said, it shouldn’t be impossible to get geared doing pvp only.

There’s a lot to do indeed, however, I don’t think implementing matchmaking system is very hard.

Equalized pvp doesn’t mean gear doesn’t matter, it means it won’t carry you. Gear would still be incredibly relevant.

Equalizing, say, gear score so hypothetically in arena your light 515 chest pieces armor values and your opponents light 590 gs chest would have roughly similar armor values -yours maybe the tiniest bit less…but the perks on each weapon/piece of armor would be unique to what you want. It might equalize gear score, but everyone would have build expression via perks and attributes ofc.

So it doesn’t ruin gear in my eyes because you can still have personal builds and work towards specific pieces of equipment. All it does is make pvp more skill based.

Tell me who doesn’t want more skill based pvp?

Not against slight normalization but I am against full normalization. Fully gear-normalized pvp games tend to have very small pvp communities compared to their pve counterparts i.g. FF14, Lost Ark, any wow arena clone etc. I have played those games and I know why, it’s because only grinding pvp gets boring, it is boring when the only motivating factor is winning and rating, and not character development.

The solution imo is simple. Make gearing logical. I think WoW Shadowlands did it right. First you grind normal/unrated battlegrounds and get say max 600gs. Then if you want to progress you have to step into rated content and/or arenas. As you climb rating you get access to higher GS. Say at 1800 you are close to bis and at 2000 you stand at complete BIS, in a classical ELO system.
This way geared players are not incentivised to play normals and it should be more fun for undergeared players while simultaneously helping character development. Meanwhile, swettier players get to battle it out for rating and final numbers on the gear score.

They haven’t mad any improvements to OPR since launch even though it has all these same problems but worse. I expect the same for arena.

With the resent influx of new players arenas have become increasingly one sided and boring. I have toned down daily gameplay from 1-2h to a few arenas per day. However, it is still better than constantly facing premades and getting stomped 90% of the time, like it was a few months ago. We need leaderboards sooner rather than later.