My vanity request

I know there is a lot going on and everyone is upset about so many bugs in the game and all the maintenance down time. But I have played so many games that I’m kind of used to all that. I love this game and am looking forward to them working out all the kinks. But… since day one all I have ever wanted was to look like a girl! LOL. I feel like this is totally a mans world. In general chat people are always addressing the community as “Hey Boys” or “Fellas” and every toon looks like a man. Women have a shape. Even the clothing skins that I have purchased are all flat chested men’s clothing. I’m guessing that the clothes are rigged mesh and will conform to whatever shape they want to make the toon so I wish they had an option for body scaling. Hopefully in the future. The good news for me is that I have dyes so at least I can make my clothing pink or purple (if I am not using one of the clothing skins). :stuck_out_tongue:
******* And before people jump on me for being superficial and not having the right priorities please note that this is just one little feedback I have and of course I want all the major things to be fixed first – but yeah, I’m kinda vain LOL ********


I’m giving you a heart to support your wish although the clothing doesn’t bother me at all.

All I ever wanted was a feminine looking face!


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