My View On Equipment Load Bonuses

Figured I’d make my own thread on it.

Honestly, I think you need to re-evaluate equipment-load bonuses.

You have medium Load as -10% damage (light gives +20% damage, Medium Load is +10% Damage/+10% CC) but you seem to have it set that DPS-types will use Medium armor, as per accepted conventions (Al la; Rogues).
But the best DPS will be LIGHT loads, and thus mostly Light armor.

Why not do this:
Light Load (And thus Light Armor): +10% Damage, +10% Healing, +x% Increased Mana Regen (Insert balanced number for ‘x’)
Medium Load (And thus Medium Armor): +20% Damage

Thus, you have the accepted Healers/Spellcasters in Light, & DPS in Medium.

While Spellcasters would then get more damage out of Medium, they get more MANA out of Light, and thus have less downtime, which could mean roughly equal DPS to a Medium load.

Or, in place of Mana Regen, make it so spells COST less in a light load.


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