Mykgard Bosses and Mobs Buffed! Why?

in Mykgard every mob and Boss now have more damage and more hp its looks like. And even with heavy gear mobs and bosses hits really too much. And this come after nerfing everything like Life Staff and Fire Staff also?

You guys NERFing everything for PVP but you forget ppl playing PVE too!

This last patch is really big fail thats my honest opinion…


Probably an attempt to stop zerging elite chests. It won’t stop it but it will encourage it more over smaller groups so yeah smart lol…


Heaven forbid people be allowed to do content at their own pace, eh? :smiley:


This is yet another buff to mobs. They already had another ninja buff back when they fixed the ‘resilience perk’ and I stopped going to elite zones. Repairs broke me.

In their efforts to make PvE more challenging, they are making it annoying to do. I used to love killing mobs, now I cringe when I get agro. I really don’t want to kill any mobs anymore. Even stopped doing dungeons…


Yep bad choice on them, open world increasements to go against zerging will only increase it’s viability and decrease smaller runs.


Actually, it seems that the bigger your group, the stronger the bosses are and the less loot that drops for you. This is going to actively discourage zerg groups.

Bosses are apparently weaker when you are in a group of 5 or 10


Maybe make grinding chests not your only endgame activity? I have no idea what this is actually going to achieve except driving players away from the game even more.


This. Exactly this. That’s why even in my last days I was just running around naked in low level areas for my experience and coin.


If true, that makes sense. Increased difficulty based on group size is the norm. Helps smaller groups and stops zerging making everything trivial.


Does it take into consideration other groups?, because Lerna will have multiple groups camping spots while zerg trains come through.

So if a zerg train comes through, would that not cause issues for say my 5 man?.

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can’t zerg them, but you can solo pick them???


Perhaps a good ‘fix’ these Zerging runs is to Lock chests until you kill the main boss in the area. But not just a simple mob with tons of hp and dmg. Needs mechanics to incentivize players to work together.


They buffed many of the Elite bosses they expect people to kill in the lower level zones as well. Have fun random level 35.


I am honestly not sure about that. We haven’t heard anything regarding this from the devs as well. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more posts about this soon. Lots of complainers incoming.

that’s not what’s going on, I was alone and I couldn’t reduce a mobs hp at all

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I haven’t tested it myself (still at work), but this is the Reddit post regarding this:


Yeah most spots can be cheesed regardless because of the ai. So if your focused on your elite chests it’s still the same over mob farms between them.

Hopefully some people will do the testing needed to give exact details over the next few days.

This is a good approach, auto scaling boses based on numbers present. However if were going down the GW2 route, lets insure everyone gets the drops for the mini event. If your not grouped you wont get a body drop or at least very rarely.

Personally I thought the big mrk zergs were fun.

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That s it. That is what i try to say! Thanks for sharing