Mykgard Bosses and Mobs Buffed! Why?

I dunno… I’m a pure tank and my friend with me had 300str gaxe. It was a bit tideous to do tbh. We barely even damaged the door and the tentacle in front of it respawned already. I was guessing at that rate it would prolly take us around 4 respawns or maybe 5. Not sure how long that would take.

Didn’t get to finish it cause it was too expensive. Lol

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The NPC buff isn’t that bad. You can still kill stuff but obviously every group has different spec so harder for some based on DPS/Heals.

The real issue is they nerfed the chest loot so it’s barely worth the effort. They designed this game so you have to grind the same area over and over and now they reduced the loot in a massive area that take 30+ minutes to clear depending on how much you want to do. That makes no sense, It’s already too repetitive of a grind, don’t make it take even longer to get stuff.

I edited my post with more clarification on my stance. Lvl 50 elite zones are near worthless lootwise for a lvl 60, that is not why we are there.

I was hoping we would have epic battles of large zergs fighting in Myrkgard for a bit at least, but with how difficult the mobs are now the place was a ghosttown! We were effectively 5-manning the commanders and now we couldn’t even kill one with about 10 ppl. The tanks were getting massacred.

This is going to encourage less killing and more running around trying to just snag chests. This is not how the end game should be. Also, this effectively just makes the gear score even SLOWER, which seems totally unnecessary. Tweaking is badly needed after this patch.

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Hmm, your comment seems to contradict what others have experienced. Some people are saying it’s easier to go through Myrk as a 5 or 10-man group than as a zerg rush. Looks like someone from AGS is about to reply, so let’s see what they say.

As with any live game, balancing is gong to be an ongoing thing for New World. Stuff is going to get changed or adjusted, we see how it is doing in the game, we read feedback and watch game telemetry, and if changes are needed again we make them.

The changes for Into the Void have been sweeping, for sure, but we’ve only been live for less than 12 hours. We are watching how everything is performing and tracking all of the feedback. Please help us by keeping the feedback constructive and concise.

Thanks everyone!


Revert the patch.


Ok, are you saying that you intended for these changes and they aren’t just a bug? If that is the case WHY ISN"T THIS NOTED IN THE PATCH NOTES? If you are going to drastically change the end game leveling loop how in the world could those that are in charge think it would be ok, to just just ninja nerf it and not document these changes? Please PLEASE help us understand the reasoning behind this.


So you changed things and didn’t put it in the patch notes. Who and Why would approve this. You are literally affecting every part of the game in a poor way. Why can’t you guys just do the simple things like communicate everything?


Hard to belive considering all the feedback given on IG/FS then launching the same exact changes -.-


So include this in the patch notes. It’s not a small change, it’s HUGE.


I agree though that 50 elite zone loot is garbage compared to 60+ elite zones. I was there for the legendary shield quest. And like i said, my friend got to solo scorpious before the patch. I went there after patch, and he came by to help out was prolly bored.

And said that it was way harder, cause there were less mobs, less HP, less damage before patch We tried to duo it. But it was just too expensive and tedious and i was in no rush to do it anyway. 3 man with a 1 healer, 1 DPS, 1 tank would be enough though i think.

We’re both around 530gs pure DPS and pure tank.


but this is not in the patch notes? care to elaborate to us the changes to elite zones please?


up. also elite chests are bugged/nerfed. they dont drop armor


In all due respect, feedback was given for the PTR changes, and that fell on deaf ears, and all changes went through with no discussion about said feedback even taking place.

If a balance change causes a mob to 2 shot tanks in Myrk, then that’s not balancing, that’s broken.

You made changes to the game beyond what was even stated to be upcoming, and beyond what you even let us test for you and here we are again after another patch with a lot of “known issues”. One of which quite literally nuked an entire gear set plus some out of the world completely, when no changes to gear was ever even mentioned.

Balance changes need to be tested, thoroughly by your players, in a test setting, NOT on your live service. The live service should NEVER be used for testing. Its the entire reason we begged you for that previously mentioned PTR to begin with.

I as well as others love your game, I’m over 500 hours in, I’ve bought most of the cosmetics in the store, I have done my part as a customer to support your creation, do us customers a favor and return that gesture by at the very least looking at how other MMORPGs are done. This type of action would never be done by one of the big studios out there. Game breaking issues are hotfixed within hours to a day, not a week later on the next patch.

Again with all due respect, please stop making untested changes. It hasn’t successfully worked, not once. To be super clear, the words “as with any live service” and “sweeping changes” should NEVER be used in the same paragraph. Unless the sentence is bluntly, “never do sweeping changes on a live service”.

You had alpha and beta and 3 years of development and testing phases to try out “sweeping changes”. You had testers for that very purpose. you seemed to have now confused players and testers. We are customers, here to play a fully released product where of course changes are expected, and encouraged but only and I do mean ONLY after they have been fully tested and PROVEN to not break any existing systems.


Big deal, sheesh. What difference does it make? Learn, adapt, survive. Just play the damn game.

Can you Guys get some information about those Elite Chest’s ?

@TrevzorFTW @Kay @Luxendra @Tosch

because this information was as well not in The patchNotes - Since i read those during work today. …


Sorry but nerfing loot and making mobs especially endgame ones more difficult is not a good move. Especially when you have seen the past month or so how everyone reacts to bad moves…

Unless of course if mobs are buffed in combination with a player level cap increase.


Your teams were doing so well with communication the past few weeks, why not also communicate this drastic change? It feels like a you guys tried to sneak something really significant past us. It’s such a noticeable change, too.


I thought there was transparency with AGS and their player base. Now it seems they can just hide whatever they want. Damn this is a huge damaging blow to those that had faith in them.