Myrkgard Cathedral when?

Is there any news on when we can get into Myrkgard Cathedral?

March will probably add a new dungeon around the area so maybe it will be included.

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I tried to hard to squeeze in the door, my shield too big :frowning:

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oh god please no more dungeons :frowning:

what do you mean no more dungeons?
it part of endgame content, which btw is a common complain from people about how little variety there is to it. Of course we’ll get more dungeons, among other things.

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Never played a dungeon after the depths and dont plan to.
Could not care less. I did not come to this game for 5 person minigames :frowning:

that’s your choice of course.
however many people do come to MMOs for endgame group content, which dungeons are.

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I dont know man, arent there better dungeon crawler games out there?
Is that really what will keep our game alive?
Very much doubt it.

Yes I play this game for hard pve content working with groups. I might be in the minority but I dislike opr so this is all I have. Once we get arenas it will be better for PvP but opr on my experience has been getting musket shot from 400m away nonstop. I was just asking when I can go fight Thorpe in the cathedral, that’s all. I don’t care about your opinion on what you like or dislike, make a thread yourself


I mean yeah as someone else said that is your choice but they are going to keep releasing them regardless. We have 6 more planned as end-game content for people that enjoy it.

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would also like to know this

Yes, you are right. Sorry for my comment above.

The area behind the cathedral seems to indicate some sort of dungeon entrance so hopefully it’s part of the March update. Maybe some epic battle against the Heretic? Would be awesome!

Sounds like you chose the wrong game though

Yes, because I only play the one game /s

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