Myrkgard is boring, and weapon quests impossible to complete

Myrk has always been a frustrating “End Game” thing to play, because I don’t enjoy the 100 man groups constantly running into it. It was already hard to go in with just a party of 5, but with these new changes its impossible. We couldn’t even place a tent earlier today because we had too many people in the area, and it was impossible to get them off the tents haha. You are super lucky if you get kills here - its purely just chest runs. Ontop of not being able to see the mobs half the time because people are body blocking.

I also can’t finish up my weapon quests in Myrk because I can’t typically get kills. Kill 50 mobs in one area that has around 15-20, with a 100 many group, praying you can get the kill so the item will drop?

If the devs want to have these massive group areas, make it to where you only need to one hit an enemy to get the exp…that would atleast fix a few of the problems with it, and keep the people happy who enjoy huge man group quests.

TLDR: Myrk sucks because it requires way too many people to complete (Before and after update), thus not allowing you to complete weapon quests.

I did my first elite run today in Reekwater with 10 people. It was insanely dull. Every mob has 3 mechanics (almost all are stuns that take half your health) and a huge health bar. When in doubt, apparently the design choice is to add more tendrils. Nothing was HARD, it was just punishing.

I don’t understand the draw.

I’ve completed all of the weapon quests for the weapons that I have at 20. I’ve done sword (which is 1 sword quest and 2 shield quests, one round and one tower), greataxe, hatchet, and warhammer (couldn’t get this one till after the patch). They are hard, yes. They are tedious, yes. I solo’d my myrkguard quests, because I couldn’t get a 5 man group in there to help me long enough to get my objectives done. Find a spot where you can pull one mob that you need, without pulling a dozen. kill that mob. wait for respawn. repeat. It’s very tedious and time consuming, but hopefully this helps a little. Ignore the rest of myrk.

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I used To have my brother but he recently quit so no more duoing. Waited in chat for a couple hours trying to get a ride to Nihilo to finish a couple wep quests, had a few groups come through but no takers for slots.

Seems these devs are completely clueless when it comes to basic MMO mechanics and quality of life issues in getting groups etc.

Getting harder and harder to logon to this mess with the garbage support this company has.

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I appreciate the advice! I just don’t think that’s the intended gameplay haha, atleast I sure hope not! You have to sneak past all the boss and mini boss mobs and be careful not to pull anything else, doubly so with the newest update. Its just something I hope the devs can see and hopefully fix at some point.

I definitely agree that they should be more solo player friendly for sure.

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This is what I had to do. It was incredibly time consuming and difficult. Couldn’t get tags for kills in groups. What a nightmare

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