Mystic Rainbow [NA EAST - Orofena] [Syndicate] [🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️LGBTQ+ Friendly] [♿Disabled Friendly] [PVX]

Mystic Rainbow is a Syndicate company on NA EAST - Orofena server (used to be Oceana server before the merges.).

Mystic Rainbow is recruiting players! We are a part of the Proud Gaymers which is an LGBTQ+ :rainbow_flag: :transgender_flag: friendly gaming community and we are looking for more players for New World as well as for other online games. So far we have around 170 members, most of which are adults (18+) in the Proud Gaymers community.

No matter if you like PVE, PVP or both (PVX), no matter if you are straight or part of the LGBTQQIAAP+ community, and no matter if you have :wheelchair: disabilities or not, all are welcome to join!

We are looking forward to playing with you in New World but there is no pressure to rush to the end game. Take your time, enjoy New World and make friends along the way.

Our main goal for this game is to create a safe space on the Orofena server, as well as help players find other like-minded players from all genders, orientations, races and backgrounds that are friendly towards the LGBTQ+ community. We encourage players in our community to mingle, play games and create a network of friends.

Our doors are always open for new players to join. We have players from the east to the west coast. Most are east and central but we do have some west coast players.

Since The Mystic Rainbow is trying to facilitate a chill environment for everyone as well as keep the toxicity to a minimum, we have some rules listed here (short link to google doc)

We also simply ask that you be respectful of others, use common sense as well as abide by the New World and Amazon Games Code of Conduct.

DM me @Krato or @Lora here on the forum and ask for an invite or post in this forum thread. In both cases, we will need your in-game name to send an invite.

Our doors are always open for new players to join. If you have any questions please feel free to DM me @Krato or @Lora here on the forum :heart:



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Is it possible to join your guild as someone with diagnosed Tourette-Syndrom?

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not on that server but good luck!!

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again, those what are more against this are exactly the reason why it’s needed in the first place.


I have a story.

Few years ago a buddy and I got an invite to a party, didn’t really give details…just a house party. The Invite came from a dude that we know who happened to be gay. We went to the party…party was full of LGBTQ+ whatever and us (straight/cis/whatever) people were definitely the minority there.

I was fine with it, friend was uncomfortable as fuck. Found the guy, first thing he does is ask “how come you didn’t tell me the party would be full of y’all?”

Think of the party as this company, how many of y’all would actually “not care” if you joined a company full of LGBTQ and how many of you would have wanted to “know what you were getting into” so to speak. Think about it before you answer the question. Be honest with yourself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.


The whole point~

Of having a community like this, LGBTQ+ queer friendly is because the level of hatred toward people just trying to go about their lives and game like everyone else. Without being discriminated against in normal every day converstations.

The level of discrimination almost has no limits in some places, it’s not just hate speech, it’s all of the things involved. If my friend john says something about his husbands goldfish, and the governor/consuls or people in the group are phobic, suddenly john may be an outcast.

This is a widespread problem in workplaces, every day manner of life situations where people feel like they have to hide these things, it’s extremely politicized and one little slip up in the wrong place can subject someone to extremely hateful situations.

It’s not about having a group to talk about nasty stuff, or even to talk about that specifically (even though they could by all rights)

It’s an inclusive group advertising a safe space for everyone that is absolutely intolerant of any kind of phobic anything. It’s a rainbow flag signaling a safe haven free from intolerance.

John can join this group and feel free to talk to others without worrying that if someone finds out that he is gay or that his kid might have a boyfriend he isn’t suddenly removed from the war roster or removed from the company.

People get worked up even knowing something like this is being advertised, or exists at all. But the fact is it DOES need advertising.

You can break it down all you want into semantic parts and try to argue why the title should be different, or how it might seems like it excludes people, “What about me” ect ect. But it’s pretty on the nose for most people that read it. It’s very simple.

All people are welcome into this group, including LGBTQ+.

People who are not LGBTQ+ Friendly, are not welcome.

I hope that breaks it down enough for the classroom.


I know a few gay disabled vets.

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Oh my gosh, mods just nuked this whole thing xD :revolving_hearts:

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Needed to happen :joy:

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Thank you Moderators for keeping the forum safe.
Thanks for the good post users did in explaining the problem about why we need safe space.

Let’s keep this thread on the topic now. It’s a company recruitment thread!


Yes, players with Tourette-Syndrom can join.

I hope someone in dry tree decides to create a similar one too :slight_smile:

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