Mythic EQUIPMENT Suggestion


Equipment in MMORPGs is an very important aspect, as is a driving factor for most players… getting a good piece of equipment can be extremly satifying, but MMORPGs are live services with an evolving enviorment… ballance changes… some traits that were Best IN Slot… might not be after a rebalancing patch, this can lead to a feeling of frustration especially after spending a considerable amount of time obtaining it…

As such it seems NW Devs are moving towards a model which makes Legendary gear much more accesible, with more ways to obtain it to mitigate the RNG element, this is all good… (an added bonus is that it combats RMT, which is a plague to MMORPGs). But a side effect of this is that it reduces the rarity of some gear making it less rewarding to obtain that “rare” piece of gear.

Well I’m here to suggest a solution that would both work with the dirrection NW is moving towards (make gear more accesible for everyone) BUT AT THE SAME TIME keep the rarity spect for the veterans of the game and people that play a considerable amount.

MY Suggestion is implementing a NEW Rarity (MYTHIC) of gear that can freely swap Traits.
In this post we are going to explore how this can be achieved for it to both enhance the gaming experience for everyone involved.

Suggested AQUISITION (at the discretion of the devs):
This gear needs to be rare and hard to get, as it will be BiS gear no-matter what.
As such a few methods can be implemented, but i will detail a principle and it can be up to the NW devs to decide how to best implement this.

Aquiring MYTHIC equipment, can be implemented by using a crafting method, aquiring a one time use “recipe” and components for it (number of components can be decided by the devs). The idea would be to implement the items required in places that see less player trafic and revitilize those areas of the game as well as some matherial that can be time gated (probably by a weekly quests), to ensure this equipment is not aquired to fast. This would give people a long term goal to achieve and give them a reason to log in and play even after completining all there is to do in the game.

TO Craft Mythic Heavy Armor Chest plate:
1 recipe aquired from one of the M10 at 1-2% drop chance from the last boss.
Component 1: droped from some mobs in the OW with 1% drop chance
Component 2: droped from other chests in a certain area with 1% drop chance
Component 3: droped from skinning certain monsters in a area
5x Material : Obtain from a Weekly Quest (1x week).

Multiple quests can exist if the devs think is apropriate for different type of equipment, such as 1 weekly quest for armor, 1 weekly quest for weapons, 1 weekly quest for accesories, 1 weekly quest for Tools, 1 weekly quest for instruments, 1 weekly quest for bags, 1 weekly quest for consumables.

This can be used for every single piece of equipment slot, and the activities required to obtain the components and the recipe can be related to the kind of equipment it is… if you crafting a legendary fishing pole… the components can be obtained from fishing in certain areas.

I meantioned consumables earlier… and unlike the rest of equipment, they have no traits, so they can simple be for Potions, food and Ammo, and instead of having traits… they would have UNLIMITED Use.

HOW Long Would it TAKE:
Well lets take Armors for example:
There are 5 pieces of Heavy Armor… if each piece takes 5 weeks (at minimum to obtain, because of the weekly quests), it would take 25 weeks (6 months and 1 week) for a full set of 1 type of armor and over 1 year and a half if you want to make all 3 types.
Similar to this there are 14 weapons at this time… so around 1 year and a half for those too (if you allow people to build them at the same time), when new weapons get added if this method is added as well it would add another 5 weeks before people can enjoy BiS gear (the method can also not be added IMMEDIATLY and only be added after 2-3 months of the new weapon existing).

FUTURE Updates:
This gear would stand to reason to be BiS 625 GS, so in the future when the GS cap is raised, a extra quest could be implemented to raise it further to the new cap. Again offer more stuff to do for people that would have already achieved it after years of playing.

LORE Aspect:
The lore of this method would be extremly simple, but it can be implemented in such a way to drive immersion and enjoyment of the game…
The questline could involve DISCOVERING old Information on how the ANCIENTS created their EQUIPMENT… and our character together with NPCs discovers how to recreate this. The weekly aspect would be implemented as a need to “translate” the steps of the process which would take time.

With gear and equipment that is RARE and Hard to obtain, we can expect enhanced visuals that would allow others in the game to immediatly tell that the person has said items… they could have glows and changing form based on if the character is ideal or in combat.

Components and other aspects of creating this gear MUST be bound to character, to avoid RMTing and devaluing this content by simply purchasing it.

End of Thread Thoughts:
What im suggesting is adding Mythic gear that would allow people to freely swap traits, and would give a LONG Term goal to the people that consistently play this game. The way this is implemented would be enteirely up to the devs and what is said in this posts is just a suggestion.

This would work both to MAINTAIN THE RARITY aspects of the game, but also allow the implementation of ways for the casual gamers to play on the same level with veterans without ruining the experience for veterans or the effort the veterans put in.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think… and response from AGS staff would be amazing.


I like the idea, but I’m not a fan of farming the same mobs for 5 days straight.


Aquired from one of the M10 at 10% drop chance from the last boss that starts a quest.
Quest 1: Get 200 Asmodeum, 150 runic leather and 100 Phoenixweave.
Quest 2: Gather 3 parts from Heliopolis that are dropped by 3 different bosses.
Quest 3: Combine the parts and defeat the last boss in M10 Genesis, Ennead and Tempest to bless the item.
Quest 4 :Take all the parts to an altar guarded by a World boss to create the item.

To be honest, this should replace the Legendary weapon quests

That’s at least 2 weeks for one item. They could even add some puzzles to make it more fun

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That sounds much better… it was just something off the top of my head, hence not as good as your suggestion.

But i do believe a actual “Time” game should be implemented in a way or another to avoid someone extremly lucky or with a lot of resources to just power though all of it quickly, and also will give the Devs some control over how fast people aquire these items.

I like your idea, but with one caveat. I don’t think the mythic gear should be able to freely swap perks. Having that kind of flexibility would lead to a situation where the unique aspects of the mythic items are gone because everybody essentially has the same gear.

I propose being able to chose the perks as a one time feature. If the perks are able to be changed, it should not be freely, there should be a substantial cost for each change.

They could make it harder to acquire the quest item.

The 2 available dungeons have 10% chance to drop a fragment M1-M5 and 10% chance to drop 2 fragments M6-M10. You need 20 fragments to combine them and start the quest.

The idea is good, the devs should focus on how to make it fun and restrict players from getting the item in less than 2 weeks.

As for the items themselves, they should have unique perks that cannot be crafted or found anywhere else. For instance, a Life Staff could have Blessed, Refreshing move, Refreshing and the 4th perk will give you an additional ability (blocking with LS will create a 15m dome that blocks all enemy projectiles and drains 10mana/s). Or something like that

The Devs are currently implementing more ways to obtain leggendary gear, meaning, BiS gear will slowly over time become more and more accesible… meaning inevitably as they add more ways to obtain it, we will end up having people running with the same Traits anyway (since the patch on the 8th, will only be one of many such changes to come)… as things stand right now… the rarity of BiS gear will disappear with time, and i think this rarity can be replaced by creating rarity elsewhere (in this case with Mythic items).

The way i see it, in 1 year from now, we will end up in a situation where getting full BiS gear regardless of the meta will take 2-3 weeks of playing, this is both a good thing and a bad thing (it allows casuals to not feel like they are at a dissadvantage and as a result stop playing competitively, but it also makes people that want to play more not play because there is no reason for them to do so)… this solution would take care of both problems, without hurting the other party.

As for a cost could be implemented, and its up to the devs to decide if that is required or not, I’m not agaist it. Thou i do consider that moving forward BiS gear will become fairly easy to aquire, the cost will not be required at all and will be the convenience Veterans have access to because of the work they put in.

For the first part… yeah i agree there are many creative ways to obtain these items and ultimately should be up to the devs to discuss and come up with the best way for them to be obtained.

For the 2nd part, My suggestion just serve the role to offer CONVENIENCE and NOT POWER to the vets… and I believe the devs would be agaist obtaining more power though something like this, since they are actively working to reduce the difference between casuals and hardcore players, which as explained previously will come with it sets of negatives.

My idea is meant to work with the CURRENT direction that the game is taking, so hopefully something the DEVs will be WILLING to implement. (i know they read the forums so them considering this and giving us a response would go a long way).

That being said… i think the idea of a 4th perk is nice, and could be implemented with an ENHANCEMENT system, where you farm a rare item that can enhance both Legendary and Mythic equipment, giving it a 4th UNIQUE perk.

Also in the future they could add a 3rd Talent tree to weapons to further diversify playstyles of weapons… who knows… but that is a bit off topic.