NA East not available

As of 10 am Central, I am unable to see any US East servers.

Just curious if this is a case of anyone else?

There is no mention anywhere of downtime and according to Server Status | New World all the servers are up. Edit: NA East server have disappeared here too.

According to NA East has disappeared from the data charts.

Many reports of amazon servers being down on


Same here. I’ve been searching the forums to see if anyone else was having this issue. You’re the first I’ve seen.


Same for me…got a weird screen wanting me to select a world and not giving any options…

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Same, I can’t get in. I was waiting for this lol.

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Might be the login servers - I just logged out of the server moments ago and was fine. If I look at the world selection though it is now blank.

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Sucks but I’m glad I’m not the only one

@Luxendra Can you please give us an update? Why are all US east servers down, and why do we have no characters showing up on the login page.


Nothing there


All of US East down, all other servers working and playable

There’s a thread about this problem over in the Game Support forums. Technically that’s where this should be posted.

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Someone mentioned on Reddit that there are AWS issues with 502’s coming back from some services. Could be linked to that.

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Yeah it’s an AWS issue, affecting our services as well so not much AGS can do about it.

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Same, Ive been trying to get in for about 20 minutes now but no US East Servers appear and my character seems to be MIA :confused:

Yeah, same thing here.

Fingers crossed that they didn’t pull a People Can Fly.

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US East get vanish of the earth, if you go the website you can’t see it

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amazon music also down

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I cannot see the server list for US East as well and my character does not exist.

Regardless of the lack of communication from AGS or AWS folks, there does appear to be a major Outage that is effecting all AWS US-East Services. One would assume this might well impact New World services as well although I honestly don’t know that New World is hosted on AWS although I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be.

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posting this here from the other thread in Support.

the problem still continues for some