NA East not available

blizzard and Bethesda formed an alliance and sent in suicide agents to hit Amazons servers on the east coast. The first volley in an epic war is about to began. be prepared boys and girls. War is here.

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So happy it’s a work day. The big question: Did NW crash AWS services or did AWS services crash for another reason, which impacts NW? :slight_smile:


Maybe someone wasn’t paying attention that MS also put out an update around the same time this morning and forgot to restart the servers to complete the update. LOL

Nah, here’s what’s happening.


IT Team: “Ok, done.”


IT Team, 5 hours later: “Ok, done”

Big boss: “Bring all other services from the list back now.”

IT Team, 2 hours later: "Ok, done.

AGS boss: “What about us?”

Big boss: “Who?”


The inability to login isn’t New World related at all, so please don’t blame the devs of the game.

The inability to get into the game has to do with Amazon’s AWS service, they are having login issues across the board, not just video game related. However hold out for a positive mindset because just a moment ago I was able to finally see my character again, and all the worlds and they all said (Under maintenance) so it seems Amazon is diligently working on trying to get the game back up to us in no time.

Even though I’m no staff of the game, I still feel bad for everyone here not being able to connect. Hang tight and I’m sure we’ll get back in soon enough!


servers are now under maintenance. so there’s that…


Yeah its all on AWS and yes, there is a lot of systems down.
I work with Amazon delivery and well we were sent home today.
Delivery station i work out from been down all day. No deliveries
are possible to get done, this also include all of Amazon automatic
warehouses. Nothing working.

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Why is this only effecting US EAST servers in the game? All other Servers are up and operational. However, US EAST is showing as “UNDER MAINTENANCE”. For the whole server set of US EAST. Is there an estimated timetable of when we can expect the service to come back on line?

It’s not just a new world problem it’s AWS as a whole. Just search online for AWS outage and you’ll see it’s effecting more than just this game

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Wow so a huge outage all over? Crazy man


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I am able to log into all Servers outside of the US EAST servers. Is the US EAST server isolated to the AWS problem?

It’s slowly coming back. The flood they must face must make the routers running their fans at 100%. :slight_smile:

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Yes… east coast servers tend to be on the east coast… they had storms there yesterday

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Hahahaha, I live on the East Coast … what storms?? :rofl:

A bunch off weeaboos and otakus farted at once in one area XD
Caused massive wind storms

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All i’m saying is the last update we got was four and a half hours ago, it’d be nice to know if im going to be able to play tonight…


Just teasin… someone prob spilled their gatorade