NA should become one region with central servers

With the merger of Yggdrasil into El Dorado and Yonas into Isabella, US West is literally just one server for Legacy and one for Fresh Start. A lot of people in the US West community have been seeing the writing on the wall and have been moving to US East. There is simply no longer any reason for US West and US East to be distinct regions.

So why not centrally locate the NA servers somewhere in the Midwestern United States and create a unified NA region? This has already been the best practice for many other popular multiplayer games. I think it can work for New World as well.


What a bad idea!
It would be the end of lower tier company.

A major cluster F of shell company


I mean, in US West, that is already the case. They’re all on one server now.

The only real concern that I can see are siege timers. The window may need to be pushed forward a bit to accommodate the time zone difference (US Central Time).

If this was even being considered, expect to wait at least another year for it. The rate at which changes are made for even the smallest things takes so long with AGS.

Hard Pass. It’s a good way to kill the game for a lot of people who have swapped regions to get away from certain groups that are present on their original region. Large companies who have a group on both regions would just be stronger because they’d have alts on the one big server.

not possible. New World runs on AWS which has no central servers, they are all in the East or West.