(NA/East Pluto Roleplay) The Aeternum Charter Company Buisness Log

[Out-Of-Character: Just trying to have some fun as I go through the game. If anyone would like to join the Aeternum Charter Company on the NA/East Pluto sever and become a part of this post-by-post story please feel free to reach out. I am a low level at the time of writing this, but plan to continue to write as I enjoy slowly progressing through the game’s main story and beyond.]

Entry One

“I, Heydan Seegil, hereby declare the Aeternum Charter Company officially open for business.”, were the first words I spoke as a formal businessman today in Monarch’s Bluff. Opening the company has given me a sense of purpose but also some legitimacy in this New World.

Every soul on Aeternum has come here for their own purposes as for myself I was seeking religious freedom as someone pledged to the Covenant. The Captain promised I could settle in the New World, the Americas, where my kind would be fairly treated and free from the bondage of several centuries of a religious hierarchy often violently opposed to my own community’s beliefs. Little did I know the whole voyage was a farse and that he was leading me to this cursed place of death and undeath.

Nonetheless I find, and I hope others will also, that creating a sense of purpose in this new life on Aeternum had helped me keep my sanity as it does not appear there will be any escaping this place. Perhaps Aeternum is not so wreched a country after all? Who can tell but at least the work provides some distraction.

With that in mind I left Monarch’s Bluff this morning arriving at Windsward past nightfall. From there I made my way down to the beach where I joined camp with the local town watch until dawn. Upon waking up I had breakfast and then proceeded into the field where I spent the day gathering as much Hyssop as possible. It is by no means scarce in Monarch’s Bluff but it grows in a more dangerous area and not as nearly plentiful making this location perfect for harvesting. I spent anothee night at camp with the local watch before doing as I had the prior day and collecting Hyssop in the fields surrounding the beach. Continuing like this I remained in Windsward until I could pack no more.

As I rested in the evenings I pondered how time on Aeternum could be so very strange. It feels as if the nights and days are some how shorter, or like I am living many more of them in a single day. I cannot explain it and maybe someone from the Syndicate might have better insights into the reason behind why time seems to pass differently on Aeternum? I am not sure but it makes everything feel familiar and sort of alien at the same time. Almost as if I am living on an entirely new world.

After just a under a week of this routine I gauged that I had more than enough Hyssop and left just before dawn I returned to Monarch’s Bluff. The way was made slow due to the weight of my over-encumbering haul, but with my trusty musket I was able to keep the various Drowned well enough away to make travel relatively safe.

Once in Monarch’s Bluff I posted my Hyssop for sale at a reasonable price of 0.55 per bushel and the Aeternum Charter Company is off to make her fist profit. I plan to invest this shortly into a small home in Monarch’s Bluff which I can then use as a base of operations for the Aeternum Charter Company until we can expand.