Name and Appearance Changes

Hello fellow New World players,

Let’s talk about name changes and appearance options.

For starts, it may come off as a bit foolish to already want to change your name in this game knowing it’s only been out since last September, in 2021, but I think it needs some consideration. As we know, players are also unable to change their characters appearance and names. These are small things that would easily bring some life back into the game. Name changes would allow those who regret that first name they chose to those that want to switch things up for fun.

To talk more about appearances; I think it would be very easy to implement a barber/salon option. It could come in a couple different options, a crafting option for tools to change appearance styles, a physical location that you’d need to approach to possibly pay gold for an appearance change, and lastly a menu option to change your appearance.

These two topics could easily be run off in-game currency or even real money, which I’m sure is something a company would love to do to get some extra income from their game. However it gets approached, I think this should definitely be reviewed and considered. Players, like myself, would feel more expressive in-game and it would an overall good change to see. I can’t quite see how this would create bugs in the game, but then again that’s what bugs originate from.

If you have any feedback feel free to leave some. The more attention this forum post gets, the
more likely it is to be brought up to game developers. If this was already discussed in past posts I do apologize… I took a HUGE break from this game after early release…

Keep gaming Gamers,

  • Lotus (Logan)

Upvote. Need a name change token


As long as we can see your old name along with your new name for 30 days, I’m cool with it. Otherwise, it just opens up the door to douchbags being doichbags without consequence.


yes this kinda thing seems obvious and like something they would have been working on at launch. or before hopefully.
there is nothing foolish about enjoying the FANTASY of a video game, we dont play games to be stuck with our name and looks forever. if i wanted that i could just play real life for free.
name change can have a cooldown or w/e sure to stop fraud things but physical appearance should be able to change whenever i want, i would love if it were in game feature for azoth to change how you look, but in game shop may be the only way we can get it :confused:


Why is that? With server and region transfers, the idea of identity is completely lost. People come and go all the time.

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Welcome to the forums @Chidorii. I have submitted feedback regarding the desire to have an appearance altering system and a name change system recently. What kind of features would you like to see in such a system? Do you think any limitations should be put in place? I am truly interested in hearing more ideas on this subject!

I understand why some are staunchly against such a system due to server reputation implications. On the contrary, some good points are made in this thread regarding how a system like that would have little impact on reputations due to server transfers.


I’m a new player but been playing MMO’s since 1999.

I’m already unhappy with my characters look. Looks like everyone else. I wanted to change LIKE YOU CAN IN EVERY OTHER MMO. But to my shock… you can’t… nowhere… not even in the cash shop. What kind of game in 2022 would NOT have that. That is so 2002. It’s a standard now a days… name with name change. Either in quest in-game or for cash.

I tried to start a new character on a nother server. But I don’t feel like doing everything all over again. And I have only played a week. I can’t imagine how stupid it would be, if you have played since release. It could easily have been fixed by a “Barbershop” in every town. Or in the starter towns.
But it’s sadly not here… after ½ a year. So I’ll be leaving and not recommend the game to anyone. Not from all the bugs etc. But for not having the basic features. Why I love the monthly subscription model. Then you at least know the developers care about making people coming back and staying around.

  • Have a “Barbershop” in all or at least the starter towns for GOLD.
    (Barbershop you can change, at minimum, hairstyles and colour, including some styles not available at the creations screen)

  • Like for instance WOW, also be able to change face and skin colour at the Barbershop. Since you are a Buy to play like “Guild Wars”. You could charge for a token in the Cash Shop since you are a Free game.
    (So basically full access to the character creation screen)

  • Name change token in the cash shop.
    (In other games it can take a few minutes or require a relog. If it for some reason got misused, that I have never experienced in 20+ years, you could always set a limit to once a month… or quarter for instance)

To sum it all up. Amazon is loosing tons of FREE money, from NOT having something, that is industry standard. It would take minimal coding and the name part it automated. So take no man hours besides setting it up. I’d love to hear an announcement about it in next patch. It is fundamental and the prime reason for me keep being engaged in the game. I’m sure I’m not the only person feeling this way.


I have no opinion on name changes, but appearance changes - yes. That would be much appreciated. It gets hot in the summer. My dude wants to shave his beard now and then. Or just try a new style.


Thanks for the response!

Starting with name changes. I fully agree that changing your username could potentially impact reputation on a server, but from my angle I don’t think that necessarily applies. I’m more or less changing my name because I would like going by a different online alias. To bring some light to how it could be damaging to the game, I can say that there could definitely be some way to have previous names attached to your profile. One good point I thought of is that Steam itself identifies previous usernames, but can be cleared. We could possibly use that same logic of displaying previous names, but without clearing prior names. Changing servers entirely already allows a player to become a new face to players, so maybe after changing servers the previous names would clear. If that still addressed to much of a problem it could remain on there bio for other players to see.

Some other ideas that you guys could use is earning name change tokens in game. Maybe after a couple months, you’re able to change your username. We already see this with switching faction teams. Another example of name change tokens could be earned through questions or potentially on the games store page. It could be purchased with real money, just like the $15 server transfer.

As far as appearances go, I think this is something that should be in the game already. Some people like switching their look from time to time and I think this should be something that is purchased with in-game money. The thought process behind this is, you play long enough to want to change your appearance then you earn the gold to change it. This could also be done with questing as well. I know running quests can be tedious, but if we’re looking for ‘earning’ it, then that’s also a potential instance. Some of the ideas of a barbershop in the towns would be great. You could easily implement the barber shop into already existing shops interface to help save time with adding a new building or something. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if it was something you could access in your inventory/UI.

Thanks for all the responses everybody!

I hope this conversation keeps going. The more ideas we get here, the more polished it will be.

Keeping gaming Gamers,

  • Lotus (Logan)

I still like my name as I stayed up to reserve it on the EU server but my character looks like someone punched him in the face and vomited on his head.


So scammers can rename and scam more?

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But that would be the customer service fault for not dealing with it. Or you for not reporting it.
Name change have been common for YEARS in countless MMORPG.

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Not rlly. Scaming is not against ToS i think so its part of game. So only way to deal with scammers is to know their names and avoid them.

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That’s the case with every game. The reason people get scammed is bcz they are careless. If u give ur items to sum1 without checking the trade properly or pay extra money for something that’s kind of on you.

You should also not give mats to others to craft unless u know them really well and u both are on discord where u can see him crafting for u.

If u are talking abt m10 shard carries and all that. That’s kind of a given since carry systems are shady by default. If u try doing something that the system is not handled to do. It is on you. You take that risk.

Its not possible to scam sum1 in trade. Simple as that. Because u willingly confirm the trade before the transaction happens. Please clarify how exactly the scams u mentioned are happening will try to find a proper soln for that.

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I mean nickname change token would be ok but with some super hight CD like 6months or longer.


Yeah of course there should be a cd. Min 1 month or maybe 3 month cd. No complaints abt that bro


Just copy Elden Ring. They launched with it.

Maybe bring back melee-hitstun like Elden Ring has as well. While we’re at it throw in some challenging content like Elden Ring has.

Hell, just make this game the way it was supposed to be back in August 2020.

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AGS has stated that they don’t want name changes because they think video games are real life and that players shouldn’t be able to hide their actions or “history” in game behind a name change.


The in game community on some of the larger servers are absolutely awful people, hateful to the core and there are zero consequences. If they change their name what will change? Nothing.

We have asked AGS the following questions:

What is taters?
What is vidya gmae?
how do work?

and have not received a coherent response.

Just have 7 or 8 people report your name as offensive and the system will automagically offer a name change next time you login.

I shake my head every day.

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