Name Cannot be used

I am trying to figure out why my name that is fine everywhere else cannot be used at all?

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As in a character name? Is it possible another user named their character as such?

Yah the character name i am choosing is saying “This name cannot be used” but with names that have been taken it says " This name is in use" So i am not sure whats going on i already tried talking to Amazon customer service before and they were forwarding my concern to the devs but nothing has been done i see lol

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I wonder if its because the word RIME or RIMER is in my name? and the game censors that?

I have the same problem with my name, I use Rankoku in the closed beta not a problem, try now not allowed, like where is the bad part in the name.

KOK could be used as a word for penis?

try changing it like i did i used Feremir instead. maybe you can try Rankuko

amazon should grow up and stop thinking that everything stands for penis or other genitals and read and fix things more, i put a thing down hours ago but i’ll probably get a reply from staff tomorrow or next week

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