Name plate should not be visible

Name plate icon should not be visible throught the textures, leaves, threes and ets, If you can not see model you should not be able to see a plate icon:

  1. It is so annoying when you see icon behind walls, trees and etc
  2. It make musket to strong on distances, you just can not hide and trick him (lay down work not all the times).
    Simple QoL and mushket fix with out any nerfs and skill changes

I’am a Musket user and I’m with you, the stealh in this game is so funny and see the name plates throught textures breaks it… and that’s not fair (as you say in point 2)


I am also a musket user and I am with you too. In fact name plates should not be visable to anyone who has pvp enabled.

Stealth using the world should be possible in pvp i.e hiding in bushes laying in long grass etc


Does it not help when you set “Player Nameplate amount” to zero ?

That’s not the point, basically players have wall hacks with this bug… and i’m going to use ags’ favourite phrase, “it ruins immersion”.

Nameplates are also way to big. Im not aiming on the character model. Im aiming at the bottom of the nameplat. Feels wrong


Not a musket user but I’d also find it more interesting to have name plates and health bars not visible on enemies in general.

Not only because because its disclosing targets in ranged combat but also because it would make using the environment as cover much more interesting.

Obviously friendly players should still have a visible health bar, at least if you have a healing class active but aside from that, less clutter would be cooler.

To still help in identifying friend and foe in wars or OPR, the game could automatically give every player some visual cue like a colored brassard, or comparable elements, or automatically overwrite dye colors for the armors, so that they show your affiliation.

I’d rather like to have some kind of battle log available in which I can see damage numbers, amount of health healed and skills used. That would make things more transparent and could also help in identifying bugs/exploits or help you in improving your build or damage output.

And just to clarify, I don’t want to see all damage and heal and skills of all players around but only the numbers impacting my character or generated by my character. Ideally with some options to filter the log for things like skill damage, weapon damage, health etc.


I’m a musket and fully agree, name plate shall only be visible from closer ranges.

you can not set it to 0, i play with 4 plates only, and it is still ultra annoying. I do not wanna see plates of players, if i not aiming on them at all…But in case of snipering it making ultra easy. Just aim undertthe Lvl plate part and you will hit with musket even if target is not visible to you at all


Theres times in wars especially where it’s just impossible to judge distance because of all the nameplates.

Turning it down or off doesn’t help, either.

Not an issue of not being able to zoom out.

It’s just an issue with unnecessary clutter
completely messing up the field of view.

wall hack implies being able to see through walls -.-
someone able to see your name once your body is partially visible is wuite fine tho, if a friend of yours holds up a bush that covers face & torso you will still know who he is and what his name is.

go into settings there are settings to adjust those.

i could have sworn if you lay down/crouch in bushes your name plate disapears.

not all the times, expecially if you put a DoT on a target you still will see the plate and after. If bushes on strait line - you still will see the plate, expecially with zoom

that is good to know

I’be been Musket main since launch and the nameplates have been my biggest gripe.

Name plates are too large, they show through terrain, along with OPR objectives and party member names.

It clutters the screen to the point where I can’t see anything else in group PvP much less my aiming reticule which is white…

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For the love of Azoth please let us disable friendly nameplates.

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or option see plates ONLY of target that you are looking at

We need better stealth mechanics, prone and crouch often give away your position when it shouldn’t.

Make name plate visibility extremely limited unless you’re right on top of a proned/crouched player

Nameplates are over intrusive and often persistent when they shouldn’t be

2 is low as it goes. I don’t want to see name plates because I don’t want to see players dumbass “Luvs2spoodge” character names.

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