Name plates for Group, Raids, and Guilds

Can we please, please! make Group player names all Orange on the whole nameplate. Then make raids/army for wars and OPR Blue. Guilds should be all green and enemies all red instead of the LVL icon by the name or little symbols that never show up.

This is a basic system that most MMOs live by and makes it very very simple to tell who your grp is in the heat of combat versus army members.


Great idea! This should be something to try in PTR.

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Yeah group nameplates need to be much more obvious so you can actually coordinate and play off of each other in wars/opr/etc.


100% agree

Yes please, current system makes it very difficult to differentiate between group members/army members


I just want to be able to distinguish my group members in the open world, wars, and OPR.
There’s no reason they should be blue when I’m looking at them

The only identifier is on the map and on the HUD when out of range/sight

The Blue diamond on the nameplate should be the party member color, simple as that.


yeah pretty sure 99% of mmos make grps orange and alliance members/same faction blue.

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