Named Void Gauntlets - Where are they and why?

Can I get a show of hands of people who have gotten a named void gauntlet drop at 600?

I’m willing to bet this number is low because for some reason, all of these items are in random chests around the world.

Not in expeditions, not in one specific zone even. Just 59+. I don’t care about balancing - put this loot where it belongs. So so frustrating to have this loot nearly impossible to find and TOTALLY impossible to target.

@Shadow_Fox can you please put this in one of your dev team reports?

Everyone uses Nothingness :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s bad yeah. These void gauntlets EXIST but the dev team coded them as random chest drops.

Can we get some sort of confirmation they even know this is happening? No other weapon is in this situation it is obviously an oversight. I am hundreds of crafts into void gauntlets because it is my only path forward. If named ones dropped, i would at least have an alternative path, but the current state makes it so vg users cant even look forward to the mutations patch.

@Luxendra @Chardis

I’ll just tag people - it’s nuts something this small is still out there. Sorry if you guys don’t work on this area.

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