Native American Themed Company/Tribe

Hi everyone,

We created Native American-Themed characters and a company (aka tribe) on El Dorado and would like to invite you to join us!
(This is to honor Native American heritage, not to poke fun at it. We have real-life native americans in our group.)

If you would like to join us, do the following:

  1. Create a character on El Dorado with a native american name and look (prefer mohawks).
  2. Join Mauraders Faction. (Green)
  3. Add ‘Chief Tonto’ as a friend.

We also prefer that you use Hatchet, Spear, Bow, Musket, Life Staff - but feel free to use anything you wish.

Would love to have you join us all in good fun! We host an active voice discord and enjoy ourselves. =)

See you in-game, pale face.
-Chief Tonto


As a native american, if I end up creating a toon on that world, I will be joining you!

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