Nauseating RANGE META

AMAZON pls dont do character balancing again, turn a person from the street, have do it, you will get better results

my defense 1.163 phys 1464 elem Medium Armor
musket gives me 4k damage :smiley: (it hits light armor 2 times XD )
Bow gives me 6k damage xD

Buildi of the enemy I just came across in OPR= Full heavy 200 cons 250++ int, Void gauntlets, Fire staff
With the void blade it does me 1.2k damage, with the fire staff it does me 2k damage XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
It’s not a joke it’s real and the damage I inflicted on it is 500… it really is 500
i have 340 str points i play with greataxe

I can’t actually play because they broke the greataxe and there are too many bugs. I always teleport back

Thanks to you, nothing but range classes are played in OPR.
Nerf the greataxe, buff musket-bow hahahahahahahahaha 5 year old doesn’t do this
because he knows that if he does something like this, only range class will be played in the game.
but YOU don’t understand

  • I don’t want to say a thousand times to heavy set bonus - add damage -10% -15% add something

teleport bug hasn’t been fixed for 3 weeks, we have filed many tickets but you still haven’t fixed it

In the next update, if the teleport issue + Greataxe’s homing range bug is not fixed, I’m deleting the game


As a greataxe user and enjoyer of the sun I got one tip for you:

  • Get gud.

‘‘In the next update, if the teleport issue + Greataxe’s homing range bug is not fixed, I’m deleting the game’’
IQ level is under the shoes WRITTEN my friend, please read well <3

There is no “bug”. GA works as intended. In fact, more nerfs are needed to bring it on par with other melee weapons. Start deleting.

LOL GA does not work from 3.5 meters, people can only escape by walking without using dodge because it is broken. but people like you who want their armless character to be a god don’t understand this.

The time when GA was completely broken and overpowered are gone. Learn to play.
From one GA user to another.


You have not played one second with GA, stop trolling. Valeeraa is correct. GA was destroyed latest patch. There is no 3,5 m lunge, it is closer to 1 m. People can just walk out of range now, no need to even dodge. Don’t worry, they will nerf your weapon soon as well.


Sure thing, yep… not a second played - except 18 ranks in GA, but yeah, lol. A more likely explanation is that you’re just useless with GA. But please keep raging, it’s fun to see you LMB heroes cry and rage like little kids.

As a sidenote, if you’re so crap with GA, you must be even worse with any other weapon… because GA, even after it’s been fixed, is still ridiculously powerful.

I just really love how the GA crutch was SO strong, that it getting nerfed means that “EVERYONE” is going to be ranged as if there aren’t like 5 other melee weapons, and somehow that doesn’t tip them off that maybe it did need a nerf.

It’s still strong af. Top tier weapon, you just need to get gud

I do think that the lunge is less than they intended, I watched a video where the light attack lunge wasn’t working at 2 meters away. It’s supposed to work at 3.5 right?


Sword and shield need a buff. And mages.
Everything else is in a good spot.

LoL this just proves my point. You haven’t even tried it after patch 1.2. Level 18 in GA only shows that you know how to PvE with it and not that much either…

Of course, kid :wink: Whatever you say, LMB hero. Keep the rage flowing.

lmao, you’re spare parts. goodbye

We are talking about error here. You are someone who has never played GA. You say “GA is not Bug, this is normal”. You are so angry because you never won the LOL GA duel. :smiley: besides my GA+WH, I have 2 more builds Rapier+Musket Void+ice before and after the update I’ve never lost to a GA player, the reason you cry so much is purely your incompetence, go and learn game or delete the game




Most probably wrong.

Funny, that’s literally what YOU threatened to do. Please, just do it - one less ragey kid will make this community a much better place. Take Zero with you while you’re at it, he sounds like someone you might actually beat in a competitive game, as long as you both stick with something simple like TicTacToe or Rock Paper Scissors.


pffff yeah yeah oke 1 iq u right
it’s really hard to talk to ignorant people

Yes it really is, that’s why I don’t actually talk to them. I just ask them to leave.
So, when are you quitting and deleting your game?

i leave now 1 IQ oke and please leave this topic

Let me know when you’ve uninstalled the game. :slight_smile: