NE Servers not showing




However as to feedback, someone from New World should have posted a message by now. Seriously if we already know there is a problem and where it is, so should they. Just a short blurb saying they know there’s a problem, what it is, and that it’s being worked on. I mean it must be somebody’s job to keep the customers notified.

Hate that so many companies seem to want to hide the fact there is an issue, when everyone knows.

I completely agree, the only person who has received a response was all in spanish :frowning: we need some one who can speak english to give us some insight!!

@Firus (I’m only @ you b/c I saw you respond to someone’s post recently)

Guys, Amazon Web Services is experiencing an issue, it’s not just this game all their US East services seem to be down. FYI

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wait a player posted this not a dev. shows you the state of the game. Thanks acreavy for the info.


It’s currently happening for all US-East players, your characters are okay it’s just the login service that is having issues. It’s caused by widespread AWS problems today, don’t panic. It’ll get addressed and fixed. :slight_smile:

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Authentication issue with AWS, not with NW. No worries. Lunch time then. :smiley:


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