Need Advice! Server Merging Announced!

Once the merge is complete, your company will no longer own territory, but if the mechanics from previous merges is still there, there will be a payment into the company bank.

Thank you. What would be the comp for it?

We paid 100,000 Coin + ~15,000 Coin in Upgrades.

I hope we get the same or more?

Any ideas on how much?

Cuz my friends and I have put blood, sweat, and tears in this territory starting fresh and now it will be gone. Not sure if we will even be playing if we get nothing back. :frowning:

US East

  • Barataria and Krocylea are merging into Heliopolis.

When you merge into another server, all companies in Krocylea will lose their ownership of their respective territories and you will join Heliopolis’ server, and their respective territory owners.

Your company will be refunded the purchase price. This is just going on memory from their old official post when server transfers were introduced, not sure if it’s changed since.

OK great news but that’s just purchase price? What about upgrades and taxes paid.

Our dead server didnt make any money. Anything done about this?

We don’t mind eating the bullet on this one. At least its something.

If possible @veSnow Can we verify this number? Any official source? The ones I’m seeing on the forums are 50k reimbursement.

Let me know. Thanks.

This is the official server merge FAQ, which funny enough has 0 detail on your question :stuck_out_tongue: [FAQ] Server Merges

Unfortunately I can’t find any past threads from 1yr ago when they first started rolling out merges, and I wasn’t a member of a company who owned a territory so I don’t have the experience to recall.

The best I can say, from memory, I don’t believe you were refunded anything beyond initial upfront cost. It should go without saying though, no point in spending company gold on upgrades if you own it right now :slight_smile:

The “refund” is 50k

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Same thing I’m seeing. Perhaps this is an old metric.

Is there any updated posts from the team?

Maybe @Luxendra or another Community Leader can provide us with more clearly on our discussion.

Thank you.

If your server is being merged “into” another one the map is owned by the original server.

No low to mid tier (upgrade count) territory makes money, not even on servers that reach max pop during peak hours.

Ouch - son and I quite this game 2 weeks after launch - too buggy

Just came back becasue we heard it had gotten better and Fresh servers. I started on Barataria 2 days ago and he went to start today but couldn’t becasue server was closed. I just told him to go on Helio becasue of the merge I had heard about. We both deleted our almost 40 toons on Valhalla to get our names back and he just found out he could have transfered his to Helio instead - damn! Now i look like a chump for that plus the fact the we are not even getting migrated to a fresh start server - And we still can’t even group up!

When will the merge happen?

Is this typical of the game? Rather quit now if so, before investing ourselves into it again.

You will only get 50k gold, half of the initial purchase cost, you will not be receiving any gold back from upgrades. Hope to see you all on Heliopolis!

No it more likely sounds as if you landed in a vortex of unusual bad circumstances.

I think the situation is likely a lot smoother for most people.

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Thanks @Makeda - I can see steping in at wrong time - BUT

Dont understand why servers are locked to create new Chr’s more than 48 hours prior to a merge

Don’t know why they are merging fresh start servers into regular ones - kind of a direct contradiction of the intent

Just 2 cents

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They shouldn’t be.

US East

  • Barataria and Krocylea are merging into Heliopolis.

All three of those are legacy servers.

My legacy server is also getting merged:

US West

  • Camelot will be merging into Aukumea

When I came back near the end of October I made a new character on Camelot, my old character had been merged onto Yggdrasil not too long after I’d left in late 2021.

But when November hit I decided to go for a Fresh Start server and ignore my characters on the old servers. I deleted my original 2021 main and used the name on a Fresh Start server.

The character I made in October is the one about to be merged, though that character did not progress far.

A few days ago I did make an alt on the smallest Fresh Start server, to look around and use for trying out build ideas in low level dungeons. I suspect that in time that server; Medusa; will get merged. But it’s not on the list yet. It seems to be the last Fresh Start to have been added.

Makeda hope your green the only other color is purple in Reekwater

He’s just being friendly/goofy dude. Lighten up

@Makeda All 3 leagacy servers?


Might have gotten wrong info on picking Barataria but it was listed that way on a 3rd party site -

I could not transfer Chr to Barataria but could to Heliopolis

EDIT: Found the site here for Fresh Start servers - Yep - Messed up again - it’s fine - we will start again

Appreciate your time for the explainations

Possibly - but he was spamming it last night sooo - blocked

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