Need balance patch Asap

Not that my opinion matters but is any one starting to feel the same??? It’s Friday morning for me and all week I was excited for Friday to play some NW with the wife tonight. I’m sitting here thinking “tbh I’m not really all that excited”

I’m only lvl 40 so there is still content. But I don’t feel like going out and playing with unbalanced combat. Spending hours looking for decent 2v2 or 5v5 open world PvP on a server that no one flags. Dealing with healers who just bubble and everyone just face tanking. I’m not exactly sure what they did but everything just feels dumbed downed. The economy has gone to shit. Tons of gold duping was done, ppl got crazy amounts of high end chests from endgame portals before they disabled them and Amazon didn’t even think of doing a roll back in a timely manner. I hate to say it guys but the only fun I’m seeing at this point is the crafting but there is no economy left that can buy. We need a Balance patch and we need one soon or this might be a lot of ppls last weekend for a while.

Wth are u still doing at 40? What content are you talking about? Go to 60 there is tons of pvp to be had in shattered mountains! Where are these invincible healers everyone is talking about? I smack anyone in heavy armor who has a lifestaff for 30% hp in 1 hit followed by another hit and cc and hes dead. Get better gear. Put gems in em…

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Think it’s my server. And I’m just staying around my friends levels were all full time college students and usually just play on the weekends.

Do you know why there are no open world PvP players?

Coz most of the PvP Players are toxic and hornerless. Most of the “normal” players don´t like that. So the do not flag.

Most I´ve seen in PvP was toxic BS. Gangking, killing Lowlevelers and so on. There is no honor in PvP.

THATS why there is noone playing PvP.

Balance in this game does not care about small scale PvP. And it never will, or the game will die. In order to preserve large scale balance there will inevitably be imbalance in small scale engagements. That’s something you’re going to have to live with.

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