Need changes to OPR and PvP

So far with all the changes that have been made PvP in general is getting better and more balanced. Still need to make changes going forward.

  1. Change the Kill leaderboards in OPR. In OPR the person that taps a knocked down person and finishes them gets the Kill. This is extremely aggravating system that the community seems to be in agreement on needs to be changed. 99% of the time a downed player is killed and not revived. A ranged player could be doing nothing except finishing downed kills while the people actually getting kills never get credit. Just changed the leaderboard stats up or at least add a stat for “knocked players”

  2. Certain builds of players in Heavy Armor and Lifestaff are Unkillable and require 5+ people to kill them. This is not every healer, but something needs to be rebalanced here as when you do come across one of these healers in OPR you are garenteed to lose every teamfight. They have insane heals and can keep their entire team alive and will no die until hard focused by 5+ people which doesn’t happen until they are the only one left. It needs to be looked at as it is incredibly unbalanced

  3. Fix Void Gauntlet ripping off all food buffs.

  4. Fix musket bug where everyshot is empowered while crouching.

  5. Make a change to Brutes so they don’t body block the door to the fort for 3+ minutes.

  6. Please COLOR ground abilities , there is no way to tell if you are standing in friendly AOE or enemies AOE.

  7. Fix Ice Wall bug. Something to do with Ice Wall sometimes bugs your character. You will not be able to run or freely move around at all permanently even after death and relogging. Only way to fix your character is to Alt+F4 new world. This personally happens to me multiple times a day and when it happens you legit can’t even play the match till you restart game.


To expand on Healers . Healers are extremely vital and the key to winning group fights. In the current Meta they can be unkillable in frontline and in the middle of combat. They should be someone that can be killed when targeted and focused, making them actually have to worry about their positioning. Also the only optimal choice is to wear heavy armor for healers, we need the change so not every healer will be rocking heavy


Its not even close to balanced. Pvp is not getting better. Just lost territory to 30 GA/WH user. Left click spam and mace stun spam is what game is all about right now. Because of the people like you who dont know anythn about pvp.
Half of the players quitted after patch and you are talking trash here.

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You have literally said nothing, except blindly insulting me. Typical forum poster . You would be the type to just cry about GA/WH.

Its a Weapon it has abilities, they are not broken. You don’t need 5+ people to kill someone just cause they are using a GA/WH. Its balanced


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You are the one who literally said anythn on your post! That is why i am the only one replying lol(no need to thanks maybe you get more replies now).
I said it all and you dont get it, just like you dont get the mechanics of pvp. Pvp is not duel pvp is more of a general thing.
I am not crying about GA/WH i am telling you the fact that i played against 30/50 GA/WH player at territory war. Can you tell me if its balanced why they had 30 GA/WH user? But i think you are the one who cried about some weapons before patch. And its the fact that OPR is boring,wars are boring for everyone right now.
I am sure that you are not getting any spot at wars right?
Btw which weapons was that op that you need 5+ ppl to kill?

Yeah, Im losing brain cells reading your posts. Go cry on another thread, plenty of places to do that on these forums

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OPR is looking REALLY DAMN GOOD when this is the complaint.

No. Bad, unskilled, painfully inept players that screech on a forum need to have a NEGATIVE posting bonus.

No amount of life staff changes will ever fix your ability to kill someone because health potions exist and they out heal your damage.

This reality doesn’t exist post resilient fix.
This reality doesn’t exist in OPR because of the post-OPR buff changes.
Stop complaining like its 3 weeks ago.

If anything hurt PvP more than anything, it would be terrible, unskilled LMB spamming noobs worried about killing blows on a leaderboard as their primary gripe…posting nonsense…its toxic and it hurts the game.

I play OPR all day and Healers the require 5+ people to kill certainly do exist. They are rocking Heavy Armor at least 200 Con, they take forever to get low standing in sacred ground and they the can click 1 button and hit full health again.

They will only die after a team wipe and they get focused by everyone. All the while the were healing the enemy team the whole fight.

In pretty much everygame similar to this the strategy is to focus healers and kill them then win the team fight. Thats not a reality in this game as they are the last ones to die cause you need a zerg of people focusing them.

Now I understand why some of you might not get this. I will admit, No its not EVERY healer. But the ones that are built the right way are UNKIllable. When I come across one of these players in OPR game , it literally ruins the entire match. We will be wiped at every team fight cause there heals are insane and you can’t kill them and they will keep their entire team alive.

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And judging from your comment about leaderboard changes , I guess you must be one of the players going around shooting all the downed players

Nice answer. Looks like you do not have any brain cells to answer anythn. You only cry about some of your loser complaints.


Tottally agree with #1.
All they had to do was copy litterally ANY FPS… It´s always the Last hit who gets the kill.
Never the one that taps a knocked down.
I see people that stop hitting at the end just so they can finish other person kill in time. It´s very annoying.

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quitted lmfao

Glad to hear that, even if you don’t agree with everything I posted I feel like this is a really common sense change most of the player base can agree with.

Kills should be based on last hit for sure

You just listed everything that is countering Great Axes - let me guess which weapon you use…

this. each time i knock people down but due to being in the anim that knocked him down, someone always kills the guy before i can do the finishing touch. I really think knockdown deserves a way bigger score then finishing off a helpless target on the ground…

BUT that is me.

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Say something constructive. Really just try to make a logical post, I know its challenging to not cry about Greataxes on a post that has nothing to do with them.

Those are legitimate bugs in the game with exception of my opinion on Unkillable healers.

Yeah if you are a melle user 9/10 times someone with take your kill cause your hit doesn’t register. Its just a bad system in general

So you pretty much just confirmed you’re a GA 5header

GJ, keep that w firmly pressed while lmb, I hear it helps