Need clarification for how respawn timers work in wars

Can a dev or someone who has tested this or heard from a dev provide some clarification on how the respawn timers work? I am hearing conflicting ideas such as respawn timers being wave based and then some saying its based on how long youve lived before dying.

Can someone please give clarification since this is an extremely important aspect of wars

I think there are a global respawn every minute. If you get lucky revive on 3 seconds, or 55 seconds with bad luck.

But yeah, IDK how it works exactly either.

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Yeah I think this might be it. A little disappointing imo, would have liked a system where depending on the game time there is a set respawn after you die which increases the longer the war goes on, or if there was a penalty for repeatedly dying etc

With how long it takes to cap a point it makes it hard to kill people without them having time to return to the point. The current meta of just spam the fuck out of warhammers is really really fucking aids.

You cant stagger their respawns either which is the main problem. If they didnt lal respawn at the same time i wouldnt care, but there will be at least one point when youre capping a point when all of them will be alive, or just about. No matter how well you fight them off.

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