[Need help] 2x Void Ores didn't register

Hello there,

I’m requiring assistance, so lately I’ve been farming Orichalcum and when I say lately, I am talking about last week or so, around 16-20 hours a day, yesterday I’ve farmed over 30k Orichalcum and received one Void Ore.

Today I have 6 hours played as you can see (6 hours of mining) and I was lucky enough to have 2x [Void Ore] drop in a matter of minutes. Both of them didn’t register, luckily I was streaming and I am attaching photos.

2nd Void Ore

Please restore my Void Ores as I am basically playing this game and find enjoyment in mining and stacking gold so I can craft Voidbent set.

Server (EU): Ismarus ETA
Player name: Intuitionw
Date: Today, literally minutes ago (05/Oct/2021)

I’ve tried getting in reach with customer support for this but apparently he wasn’t able to fix it, is there anyone who can actually help me on it?

You were streaming, where’s the VOD? Not saying I don’t believe you but might make it easier for others. Screenshots don’t prove a whole lot with nearly 10 minutes between.

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