Need more Mergers now

Hello there–
while my server just merged last week, b/c of server transfer tokens the server we merged into is down to lower numbers than before our merge.

Can you look at doing some more mergers again soon, please :frowning:

Lol?? Didn’t we all just get tokens?? Use your token ….

using a token only kills the server faster–yes it’s a fix for me…but not for the rest on the server. That’s the problem.

My company merged into a healthy-ish server and tokens dropped now we are back to where we started. More than half the server has left. it’s silly.

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Yea, I feel like mergers are better than transfer tokens. I think it’s better for the health of the game to keep communities together. You’ve been playing with or against these people for months. It’s sort of sad to see everyone disperse to different servers.

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