Need more QoL additions to the May PTR

I think AGS is missing the mark with some of these patches.
yes they’re regularly updating and trying to improve the game but is it enough?

some basic QoL improvements that most MMO’s have that NW doesn’t…I won’t elaborate because I’ve made several of these lists but I feel with the new May PTR releasing and not seeing changes that I (and a lot of people) would like to see, I figured I’d emphasize them again.

-Remove weight from Quest Items
-Better inventory management
-an armory to store sets
-one button gear set swapping
-Dual or Triple talent Specialization
-vendors to sell gear for a little extra coin (higher value than salvaging)
-Name plates for party members
-Option to lower spell effects that aren’t yours
-Make enemy spell effects a different color
-Transmog with more skin options
-dyes are permanently learned
-More character customizations (barber shop?)
-Swimming (would be nice but I’d take it or leave it)
-Ability to purchase more houses
-Mini map that isn’t a 3rd party program
-Removing tuning orbs for non mutated expeditions
-sub lvl 60 expeditions now have level 60 versions of those expeditions
-Mailing system
-more reticles and colors
-Dual wielding and more 1 handed weapons that can be used with shields
-In depth character stats showing percentages and tooltips
-ability to zoom out further
-an “inspect player” option
-increase faction reward gear score from 520 to 590
-pets with functions

these are just a few that I think would be super beneficial to the game and AGS can capitalize on these additions. Feel free to add more as well as criticize these ones

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