Need to get in contact with a NW dev fast

Emptied because

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If you have specific information on exploits you can report it here:

But otherwise you most likely won’t be getting a response.


I sincerely doubt there’s a virus in their servers. Again, if you have information I would email the email above.

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emphasis. on their is going to be.

If you think you have something then you have the info to contact them. Have a good evening!


If they care then the process should be that someone from the dev team contatcs this guy to find out if he tells the truth or not. Its their product and if someone offers them a reveal of something interesting they should contant that guy and not the other way around. Thats the real and only process if dev team cares about the game.
Not just the usual copy paste answer to report stuff by a web ticket to receive again a copy pasted answer that leads nowhere.
If i would work for AGS then i would contact that guy out of curiosity.

Sadly there are a lot more cases where someone thinks they have something than actually having something and you can’t chase them all down.

It’s “if you see something, say something” not “if you see something, tell someone to ask you about it”


This guy is doing it the right way. He contacted AGS here and thats fine enough. Its good he is not telling whats going on or how to do stuff because those people who read it here might just use that exploits. Its about AGS now to contact him if they care.
If he does a web ticket it most likely will fall in the hand of someone who gives him a copy pasted answer and we dont even know when…everyday but even every hour counts when it come to stuff like this.

Do not post it here. Use the method Jake linked that does not get seen by the public

He doesnt post it here…thats why he asked AGS to contact him omg


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the fact that Im doing this on my main account to, should show some dedication that I want this fixed.

Read the post about submitting exploits that Jake linked you. I’ve submitted some before… No one sees it. Just read the dev post. It doesn’t take long

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I mean devs do read this forum i guess so there should be no problem to give you 5 minutes of their work time and message you here on forums to find out more.
There is a private message function and they should use it if they care.


Okay! Im understanding. @xneonx25 thank you, Ill just close the thread. When more stuff happens within the next 2 weeks think on you’re actions as a community member for this game

Bro feels bad to read what this guy is telling you. I mean at least you tried…in the end they all wonder when game fails but talk smart instead of being thankfull.

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Just put them on ignore list. No use in arguing with a troll. I think it’s good you want to go forward with the info you have, real or not! Thank you for trying to make NW a better game :slight_smile:

I think the real troll here is the guy claiming theres a “virus in the servers” :joy::skull: