Need to get in contact with a NW dev fast

Said the ultimate shitposter himself.

Come on dude… a virus in the system? Really?

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“I don’t think the game will survive if the 3rd party program gets injected without you guys knowing anything.”

" when theres gonna be a possible virus in their game servers"

never said there was. learn to read. learn that backdooring a server is easier than backdooring your husband

Was trying to be a nice guy, but ngl I forgot how shitty this community has become after taking it since launch

Here is what you can really do:

  1. get your information in order so that someone else can easily follow up your train of thought, your evidence and sources.

  2. contact a or multiple game journalist(s) in addition to AGS, tell both that you want this disclosed and prefer AGS. If AGS does not respond, try again and set a final date. If AGS does not reply until then, work together with a journalist to publish the story under the context of helping AGS to get awareness, never to harm them! This is important.

This will open more eyes and ears, unleash a YouTube frenzy for a short while and help AGS.

Be aware that this might backfire. Best of luck!

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Yea try to get as much attention as possible before saying “LOL JK” :skull::skull:

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