Needing to confirm the information about GPUs over heating

Today one of my followers comes back to me with the topic that NW is burning video cards. And as a computer engineer, I think it’s pretty much a game to just burn a GPU.

As a content creator I want my followers to have an honest answer and not one of those that are rolling around the network that shows that it is news with a certain touch of hatred.

You who may have more knowledge than me, can enrich me on this subject, to keep my audience calm.

yawn. there are already plenty of topics on this matter, with full reddits. Why don’t you just utilize the information that has already been done to death.

No, do your own research, and enrich yourself and your 400 followers. Use google and read these forums. We are not here to work for you. There is already plenty of material out there dissecting this issue six ways to Sunday. Do. The.Work.

I ask it here, because again 4 days ago the news broke… But I’m going to go to Reddit to read the latest.


If you are talking about someone else’s creation can you really call yourself a content creator?

GPU issue is far more than 4 days. I don’t know where you have been. I don’t see any recent new development that broke 4 days ago. Can you share?

Amazon already issued that their game is safe to play. New World has no control over defective hardware.

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This news was published on the 1st of this month in courses, but it is in Spanish. New Worlds vuelve a romper GPU, ahora en NVIDIA y AMD ¿falla la tuya?

The game doesn’t kill the GPU’s…

The GPU’s that are getting killed are just bad GPU’s.
Graphics card’s shouldn’t be able to get up to 120 degrees or trying to run a fan speed of 200.000 RPM… the PC or videocard driver then should say: something is going wrong here, we stop this now…
But they don’t do that… and that’s why they die.

New World just creates the perfect storm for those faulty cards to fail… but it also happens and happened to a lot of other games… and people don’t seem to know that.

It’s also the same brands everytime… or at least the most of those dead cards are from the same brands. The brands and certain GPU types that seem to have the most problems everytime.

EVGA already announced that it was there problem, some batches of cards were bad and it’s not New World who destroyed the cards.

Over one million players… and I don’t see a huge amount of reports of dead GPU’s.
So not even 0.05% of the players probably has this problem.

I played for over 100 hours, with my GPU % and temp’s in the screen while gaming to monitoring it. Never had any problem.
My card is just not going above 80 degrees and doesn’t peak over the 99%…
So if you have a good GPU, good card from a good brand and type, there is nothing to worry about.

And otherwhise company’s like EVGA replace the videocard for free, because it’s there fault.

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I classify myself as a content creator, because I do streaming and things like that, when I make a post about something that I do not investigate, I say it … a content creator is not always creating something from scratch. to others if you see everything that makes streaming or videos for youtube

There is enough information already out there…
Do some work for your followers.

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Exactly, such an answer gives more validity to my knowledge, I have always been teaching that it is something of the manufacturing of the hardware, not the creator of the game. but there are news portals that jump to say that now “the game” goes through the graphics of NVIDIA and AMD.

Oddly he starts out with a few complaints about New World but it really seems to come down to a manufacturer issue.

Just to be safe I maxed my Nvidia setting to 60fps as the Nvidia controls can override in game settings and did so as well in game.

Edit: Also don’t forget other parts of your PC. Monitors for example especially g-sync can be very hard on a GPU.

Based on my translation of that page is seems to be relatively old news that has already been talked about.

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But it’s the 5th time I post this at different topics. It would be nice if people just search first for the answers.

I have Nvidia and AMD btw, no problems with that.

When the problems occurred in the Beta… Nvidia was one of the brands that really didn’t have problems with it. EVGA and Gygabite had the most problems.

But EVGA and Nvidia were the only two manufactureres that started there own investegations and contacted New World for data and information so they could optimize the drivers and stuff.

Nvidia has New World in the game ready driver.
I have no fear of breaking my graphics card.

It’s also seem to be a big problem for 3080’s or 3090’s EVGA and RTX sometimes 2060 or 2080’s.
Thats the most of the dieying cards as far as i could see.

But people can just play the game and shouldnt worry to much
And you can always do some things like cap your fps and stuff if that makes you feel better

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I’ve got an RTX 2060 and the only issue I get is 100% GPU usage regardless of in-game settings.

I put everything on Very High I get around 70-110 fps, I put everything on Low and I get around 90-122 fps. My temps never go above 80 degrees though.

Both settings give me 100% GPU usage. This makes me uneasy playing the game so I’ve limited the FPS to 60 and it now sits around the 80% usage with the occasional spike when there’s a lot of stuff going on.

This game is definitely a GPU stress tester, and I’m hoping soon they do some optimisation so I can enjoy 144 FPS one day :sweat_smile::joy:.

But for now I’m getting quite used to Very High @ 60FPS… Game looks amazing :clap:

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It’s totally true that New World is not the best optimized game for GPU’s.

But I play a lot of other games like Hell let Loose and Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite, when I play them on ‘ultra’ or ‘epic’ graphic settings, my card also runs around 97% to 99% wich is very normal.

The most videocards run around 99% or on 100% while gaming, wich is very normal for graphic cards. They should be able to do that and it’s supposed to do that. Its designed that way. (Google).
Be glad when it runs around that percentage because your graphic cards works at it hardest to get the best graphics and gaming experience for you :wink:

And a good graphics card will not go over it limits or damage it self. So you don’t have to worry about it.

If you are worried, just keep an eye out on your GPU’s temperature. Thats important.
But again, if your GPU is reaching temp’s that are way to high and it doesn’t do anything about it… it’s just a bad gpu / driver

But people, dont be scared if your GPU is running at 99% or 100% while playing the new games of these days. The most are supposed to that and are designed in that way to run as good as possible to get everything out of the gpu

The only game that my GPU doesn’t run that high is cod vanguard, cod warzone. Also play on high settings.
Maybe different optimized I dont know.

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Take into account that being an MMO for more optimization that they put it, it will be very little problame that it runs at 144 FPS. That’s what I think. Because there will always be a lot of things through that need more rendering and if there will be places that run at excellent FPS and others do not.

Still New World is not really good optimized for graphic cards

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People, really, don’t be afraid if your GPU usage is high. Just Google.
You’ll find the same answer’s everywhere.

You don’t buy an expensive gaming PC to run the graphic settings on ‘medium’!

So don’t be afraid to run your GPU at 99% or 100%
It is made to that, designed to that!
Get yourself the best experience!

If you are doubting, call your local PC store and ask them about it